Thoughts on the Muzzle Booster and Muffler attachments

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    I want to know how you feel about the current balance of the two new barrel attachments if they were hypothetically brought to the main game as they currently stand. Please be honest and suggest anything you might find to help improve the balance of the attachments.

    Muzzle Booster

    Unlock Kills: 1200
    Info about the muzzle booster
    It increases the gas / recoil forces of a gun, forcing the gas / recoil operating systems in the firearm to work faster causing a faster RPM. Most modern suppressors have this built into them because the escaping forces of a gun are weakened by the suppressor.

    • Positives
      ∘ 8% RPM increase

    • Negatives
      ∘ Recoil increase
      ∘ Suppression reduction
      ∘ Hipfire accuracy reduction


    Unlock Kills: 600
    A cheap homemade oil filter that does not contain the muzzle booster that most modern suppressors contain to maintain healthy firing rate. Called a Muffler in game because it doesn't truly suppress your firearm.

    • Positives
      ∘ Fire sound volume reduction
      ∘ Increased hipfire stability
      ∘ Hides muzzle flash
      ∘ Slight recoil decrease

    • Negatives
      ∘ 10% RPM reduction
      ∘ Still pings radar when firing

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  • I put my thoughts in the form.

  • Mardemon1 To be specific the muzzle booster increases the blowblack rate and causes the bolt to cycle faster as a result.

  • Banned

    If only muffler came in stylis sponsored cans.

  • Cool Attachments,got nothing else to say now

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