Darkman's gun review - BFG 50

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    The BFG 50 is a single shot American .50 cal sniper rifle.
    It is unlocked at Rank 65!

    This powerful sniper is the first .50 BMG sniper you will unlock, it deals an incredibly powerful 100 -> 95 damage guaranteeing a kill up until 50 studs, it has a x1.5 torso multiplier which allows you to 1 shot torso at any range and obviously the x3.0 headshot multiplier allows one shot headshots at any range but aiming for the head is not needed with this weapon.
    It fires at a high 3000 studs/s muzzle velocity which can be increased, it has insanely high penetration and great suppression.

    However, this weapon is absolutely horrible with fire rate and magazine capacity since it holds only one bullet at a time, after firing you are required to spend 3.6 seconds of your life that you could've used to talk to your lovely family to reload a new bullet that will result in either you happily killing a target that will try to votekick abuse you or you will make a sad miss that makes you question your life choices of using the BFG 50 and reload yet another bullet.
    It has 42 ammo in reserve, according to my calculations it would take 151.2 seconds to empty the BFG 50's ammo reserve entirely with reloading alone.

    It has extremely high recoil and... does it even matter? it is recovered WAY before you reloaded a new bullet, lets not talk about recoil here then.

    It has an extremely detailed scope with an obvious cross in the middle making aiming for enemies easy.


    Carbine Barrel

    Turns your BFG 50 in the BFG 50 Carbine resulting in better close range performance but worse long range performance!

    (+) Increased recoil recovery speed.
    (+) Increased aiming and walk speed!
    (-) Added bullet spread!
    (-) Decreased minimum damage to 90.
    (-) Decreased torso multiplier to x1.32
    (-) Decreased muzzle velocity to 2000 studs/s!

    .416 Barrett

    Replaces your bullet with .416 Barrett, technically this weapon should be named BFG 416.

    (+) Increased muzzle velocity to 3500 studs/s!
    (-) Decreased penetration
    (-) Decreased overall range.

    M903 SLAP

    Uses special .50 BMG bullets that are less lethal for bodies but very good for penetrating walls!

    (+) Doubled penetration!
    (+) Increased muzzle velocity to 3750 studs/s!
    (-) Halved suppression
    (-) Decreased damage to 90 -> 85.5
    (-) Halved maximum range!
    (-) Removed torso multiplier!

    Basically stops the ability to one shot in the limbs at close range and cannot one shot torso at all for doubled penetration and more muzzle velocity.

    Dust Shot

    Hollow .50 BMG ammo filled with 16 pellets, making your .50 Cal rifle a birdshot shotgun!

    (+) Increased pellets fired to 16!
    (-) Decreased damage to 35.71 -> 19.43 per pellet!
    (-) Removed torso multiplier!
    (-) Decreased headshot multiplier to x1.1!
    (-) Decreased muzzle velocity to 1200 studs/s!
    (-) Decreased minimum range!
    (-) Added bullet spread!

    It is still a relatively accurate shotgun, but it still a single shot, so if you miss at close range, you are screwed!

    .17 Wildcat

    A small round in a large casing, technically this should change your gun's name to BFG 17!

    (+) Doubled muzzle velocity to 6000 studs/s!
    (-) No penetration!
    (-) No suppression!
    (-) Halved overall range!
    (-) Halved damage to 50 -> 47.5!

    Extremely weak, but has insanely high muzzle velocity, you can sit out of the map with a 40x Scope and snipe off enemies with it, keep in mind that it still has the x1.5 torso multiplier and the ability to one shot headshot!


    Ballistics Tracker

    Adds a phone to your gun, making it more stressful for other players.

    (+) Adds diamonds to the head of the enemy you aim at, the further away, the higher the diamond, shoot the diamond for a perfectly calculated bullet drop to the head!
    (-) Increased horizontal recoil!
    (-) Decreased aim speed!
    (-) Increased chance of getting votekick abused!


    The BFG 50 has some unique attachments, being the Short Barrel, Long Barrel, Carbine Barrel, Remove Stock, .416 Barrett, M903 SLAP, Dust Shot and .17 Wildcat!

    • Since this weapon is a sniper rifle, it has access to the scopes of other snipers in optics for 5000 kills!

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • Default
    • Long Barrel
    • Sideways Grip
    • Remove Stock
    • Tracerless


    • It is one of the most hated weapons in the entire community, especially when combined with a Ballistics Tracker.
    • It holds the record of the most pre-buyed weapon in entire Phantom Forces (Unconfirmed but very likely)
    • Back in Beta, it dealt 105 -> 100 damage guaranteeing a kill anywhere in the body at any range, the only exception would be a rejected hitreg.

    My opinion on this gun

    You may hate it yes, you likely hate it when it is used agains't you.
    But you can't deny it is sometimes fun to use from time to time.

    But still, this is a horrible sniper to take down multiple enemies with, it is only good for single targets.
    I rate this gun a 5/10!

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    There I've done it, happy now?

  • sfg is better, change my mind

  • Darkman_Bree Why sidesways tho, skelly is better.

    And tracerless is useless.

    Also removing the stock means no more BT to piss players off and offer a way to range-in shots.

  • Darkman has the same ideas as me for every single gun.
    Except for the AN which I might update again.

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    • Sideways allows the sniper to T aim for close range situations.
    • The hipfire stability reduction of Tracerless means nothing on the BFG 50, making it pretty much a straight upgrade.
    • Remove Stock reduces some weight and makes the gun aim faster.

  • Darkman_Bree Why is BT in the attachment list?

  • Regular

    PhantomSoldier A joke because it is extremely popular and notorious on the BFG.

  • Darkman_Bree but if you're already in close range it's much quicker and better to resort to the secondary instead. Also skelly reduces the (already fast) ADS time and draw time that gets a minor reduction from Long Barrel.

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