Darkman's gun review - DRAGUNOV SVU

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    The Dragunov SVU is a semi automatic sniper rifle, it is the bullpup variant of the Dragunov SVD and is the first semi automatic sniper you unlock!
    It is unlocked at Rank 38!

    It deals a really low 60 -> 50 damage, the maximum damage lasts until a large 120 studs and as a x1.4 torso multiplier that is not strong enough to one hit torso kill, it also has a x1.9 headshot multiplier that allows one shot headshots up until 120 studs but further than that, it requires 2 shots, which is weak for a sniper!
    Overall, it has a decent muzzle velocity, okay penetration and suppression!

    It has the highest fire rate of all the sniper rifles, firing at 150 RPM and requires no rechambering after every shot!
    It uses 10 round magazines and has 60 ammo in reserve, it reloads the magazines in a swift 2.7 seconds or 3.6 if empty!

    It has a high recoil kick but also a high recovery speed which matches nicely with the fire rate, it perfectly recovers to the center of your aim right before you need to shoot again, making this a very accurate semi auto sniper rifle, recoil improving attachments are not needed!

    It has a complicated scope reticle, but you have to aim your enemies in the red arrow to kill them.
    Alternatively, you can equip the SVU Backup Sights to have some close range iron sights!

    SVU-A Conv.

    Turns your Dragunov SVU into the SVU-A becoming fully automatic, essentially becoming a battle rifle!

    (+) Firemode set to Auto
    (+) Huge increase in fire rate to 650 RPM!
    (+) Increased ammo reserve to 100!
    (-) Decreased minimum damage to 40!
    (-) Decreased overall range!
    (-) Increased overall recoil!
    (-) Halved penetration!
    (-) Huge decrease in suppression!

    It is still perfectly capable for tap firing at long range but with a faster fire rate.
    Use a Compensator to fight off the horizontal recoil, if you can fight the recoil and use the weapon right, you have a very powerful battle rifle!

    9.6x53 Conv.

    Uses 9.6x53mm LANCASTER as ammo for your Dragunov SVU, becoming a proper sniper rifle!

    (+) Increased headshot multiplier to x3.0
    (+) Allows one shot headshots at any range!
    (+) Allows one shot torso shots until 50 studs!
    (+) Increased maximum damage to 75!
    (+) Slight increase in minimum range!
    (+) Increased penetration!
    (-) Decreased torso multiplier to x1.34!
    (-) Decreased magazine capacity to 5!
    (-) Decreased fire rate to 90 RPM!
    (-) Big decrease in maximum range!
    (-) Decreased muzzle velocity to 1900 studs/s!
    (-) Increased overall recoil!
    (-) Decreased recoil recovery speed!

    Very recommended with a good scope and a long barrel to properly use this new proper sniper rifle!


    The Dragunov SVU has some unique attachments, being the SVU Backup Irons, Long Barrel, Romanian Grip, Hera CQR Grip, SVU-A Conv. and 9.6x53 Conv.!

    • Since this weapon is a sniper rifle, it has access to the scopes of other snipers in optics for 5000 kills!
    • The SVU Backup Irons are free to use!

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • Default
    • Long Barrel
    • Stubby Grip
    • Tri Laser
    • Default


    • Without attachments, it is the only sniper that cannot one shot headshot at infinite ranges.
    • This weapon used to be catagorized as a DMR!

    My opinion on this gun

    A fairly interesting weapon.
    Very high fire rate and great accuracy for the inability to one shot headshot at all ranges.
    And the conversions this weapon has are really fun!

    I like this weapon right now!

    I rate this gun a 9/10!

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  • This is closer to the SCAR SSR than other snipers lol

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