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    The Intervention is an American bolt action sniper rifle and is the first sniper you unlock!
    It is a free unlock!

    This sniper uses .408 CheyTac, a very strong bullet that allows you to deal 90 -> 80 damage, it has a x1.11 torso multiplier that is just enough to allow you to one shot in the torso for up to a very long 150 studs!
    It has the highest muzzle velocity of any gun in the game without attachments, reaching 3200 studs/s of muzzle velocity!
    If you exclude the .50 Cal snipers, it has the highest penetration of all the snipers, and an extremely powerful suppression!
    It has a x3.0 headshot multiplier allowing an one shot in the head guaranteed!

    It has a low 50 RPM fire rate equal to the AWM and the K14, requiring a rechamber after every shot so try not to miss or be punished with a long rechamber!
    It feeds from 7 round magazines and has 42 ammo in reserve, it takes a long 3.1 seconds to reload or a very long 5.9 seconds if empty!

    It has a large recoil kick, but it recovers way before the rechambering is done, recoil improving attachments are absolutely not needed!
    It has heavy walk speed and slow aim speed!

    The scope reticle of this sniper is alright, there is no dot in the middle to mark your shot, but there is a crossway.

    .375 CheyTac

    A weaker round for your Intervention to improve performance!

    (+) Increased muzzle velocity to 3800 studs/s!
    (+) Increased ammo reserve to 49!
    (+) Slight increase in walk speed and aim speed!
    (-) Decreased overall range!
    (-) Halved penetration!

    Limits your one shot torso range to 90 studs but you get a very high muzzle velocity in return!


    CQB Barrel

    Shorten your Intervention barrel by alot, renaming the gun to Intervention CQB!

    (+) Overall increased walk speed and aim speed!
    (-) Slightly reduced recoil recovery speed!
    (-) Decreased minimum damage to 68!
    (-) Halved muzzle velocity to 1600 studs/s!
    (-) Halved damage range!
    (-) Added bullet spread!

    In general, this conversion is a horrible idea unless you wanna fool around, then I won't stop you.


    The Intervention has some unique attachments, being the CQB Barrel, Remove Stock, S. Bolt Pull and .375 CheyTac!

    • Since this weapon is a sniper rifle, it has access to the scopes of other snipers in optics for 5000 kills!

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • Default
    • Muzzle Brake
    • Sideways Grip
    • Remove Stock
    • Default


    • This gun has been buffed crazy the last couple of months.
    • This gun is used in the MLG 360 NOSCOPE meme.

    My opinion on this gun

    I always thought it was an average sniper, I didn't use it much, but then the buffs happened.
    Now I extremely dislike this gun because new players take advantage of the large one shot torso of 150 studs range!

    But I can't rate it horrible because of disliking it, so...

    I rate this gun a 9.5/10, it needs a nerf!

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    It allows one hit head all range

    No games:
    Phantom Forces: Hit Reg go Bbrbrrrrrbrrbrrrr

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    CamaroKidBB Shotgun needs no aim

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