Darkman's gun review - KS-23M

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    The KS-23M is a Russian pump action shotgun using special larger ammo!
    It is unlocked at Rank 56!

    This shotgun is no joke, it fires the average 8 pellets per shot and deals 37 -> 19 damage per pellet, only 3 pellets are required to kill your enemy up until 60 studs, further will drop it to 6 hits!
    It has very long minimum damage range so the damage dropoff will be slow!
    It has average penetration but high suppression and average muzzle velocity!

    It has very low ammo capacity, only containing 3 shells plus 1 in the chamber, and reloads 1.4 seconds per shell.
    It has 50 shells of ammo reserve.
    It fires at a very low 65 RPM also requiring to rechamber after every shot, it has the slowest RPM of every shotgun!

    However, it has the lowest spread of all the shotguns, making it very accurate and suited for longer ranges combined with the high range and damage!

    Recoil wise, it has a very high vertical kick, slow recovery speed but it centers before the rechambering ends, no need for attachments to improve it!

    The iron sights are quite small and can be sometimes hard to use.
    Alternatively like every other shotgun, you can press T to alt aim!

    Shotgun ammo analysis


    Increases penetration and maximum range for less ammo reserve and max damage!

    • Damage: 29.6 -> 19
    • Max range: 72
    • Penetration: 1.5
    • Ammo reserve: 40

    Flechette on this gun will ruin your maximum damage by a big amount, it now requires 4 pellets to kill instead of 3, this is a very poor choice because of this damage penalty!


    Increases pellets fired per shot and max range for less muzzle velocity, penetration, damage and ammo reserve!

    • Damage: 35.15 -> 17.1
    • Pellets fired: 16
    • Max range: 72
    • Penetration: 0.1
    • Muzzle velocity: 900
    • Ammo reserve: 40

    It has no real damage penalty, it keeps the shotgun powerful without hurting shots to kill, making this quite a good choice!
    Just keep in mind of the larger spread making it less useful for longer ranges!

    Rubber Pellets:

    Increases max damage and suppression for less pellets, less minimum damage, less penetration and various other stats.

    • Damage: 48.1 -> 17.1
    • Range: 54 -> 118.99
    • Pellets fired: 6
    • Torso multiplier: x0.9
    • Penetration: 0.1
    • Suppression: 5.0
    • Ammo reserve: 40
    • Recoil: Overall decreased!

    Makes your shotgun be able to 3 hit enemies up close and cause extreme suppression however it limits the pellets fired to 6 per shot, decreasing the amount of hits you can give an enemy and becomes absolutely horrible to use at long range.
    The x0.9 torso multiplier drops the damage to 43.29 -> 15.39 so try to hit the limbs or the head!


    Massive increase in damage while only firing 1 big and more accurate pellet!

    • Damage: 111 -> 47.5
    • Torso multiplier: x1.2
    • Headshot multiplier: x2.29
    • Pellet spread: 0.3
    • Muzzle velocity: 1800
    • Penetration: 2.0
    • Ammo reserve: 40

    Pretty much turns your shotgun into a sniper, but it is not a 100% accurate sniper since there is still minor spread!
    Guarantees death to any part of the body for quite a long range, if further then headshotting will always kill in one shot and the torso in 2 shots!


    Full Stock

    Renames your KS-23M to the KS-23!
    Equip this along with the Long Barrel for the full KS-23 experience!

    (+) Overall reduced recoil!
    (+) Faster recoil recovery speed!
    (-) Slower walk and sprint speed!
    (-) Slower aim and equip speed!


    The KS-23M has some unique attachments, they are the Long Barrel, Romanian Grip, Remove Stock and Full Stock!
    Since this gun is a shotgun, it has access to Flechette, Birdshot, Rubber Pellets and Slugs ammo!

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • OKP-7
    • Muzzle Brake
    • Blue Laser
    • Remove Stock
    • Default


    • Keep in mind that atleast 1 pellet of your shotgun will always stay 100% accurate in the center of your shot!
    • Due to the high damage and low spread, this shotgun got the title of the "sniper" shotgun.
    • It is the only shotgun in the game using 23x75mmR as ammo!
    • Made using 23mm anti-aircraft cannon barrels!
    • This gun is classified as a Carbine in Russia!

    My opinion on this gun

    The "sniper" shotgun, like oh my god this thing is accurate.
    But it is enjoyable to use!

    I rate this gun a 9/10!

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  • Don't forget that this shotgun was oddly classified as a carbine in Russia

  • Isn’t it because that under Russian law because it has a rifled barrel instead of a smooth bore it’s classified as a carbine?

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    M4 SOPMOD II Oh yeah.

  • It uses 23mm anti-aircraft cannon barrels, not aircraft barrels

  • I hope we get once the flash ammo like in Tarkov

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