Darkman's gun review - DBV12

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    The DBV12 is a Russian shotgun prototype based off the AK12 platform!
    It is unlocked at Rank 24!

    This is the first semi automatic shotgun you will unlock, rechambering is not needed on this gun, you can just spam it at 250 RPM!
    It deals 29 -> 17 damage per pellet, 4 pellets are required to one shot an enemy up until 50 studs, past that you will need to hit 6 pellets in order to kill!
    It has an average muzzle velocity of 1500 studs/s, average penetration and low suppression!

    It uses a 10 round magazine and has 50 shells ammo reserve, the magazine can be reloaded fairly quickly in 2.8 seconds or 3.8 seconds if the gun is empty!

    It has the 2nd highest spread of all shotguns, only being beaten by the AA-12, so try to be careful with that, if your shot does not kill, do not be afraid to fire another shot!

    Recoil wise, it has very high kick however it recovers just fast enough to be centered ready for your next shot, making attachments unneeded, but still welcome!

    The iron sights are not quite easy to use as a shotgun.
    But alternatively you can click T to alt aim like every other shotgun!

    Shotgun ammo analysis


    Increases penetration and maximum range for less ammo reserve and max damage!

    • Damage: 23.2 -> 17
    • Max range: 60
    • Penetration: 1.5
    • Ammo reserve: 40

    Downgrades the power of your shotgun to require 5 hits to kill, this is not good, the spread is already high on this shotgun, it is not worth equipping unless you really want that penetration!


    Increases pellets fired per shot and max range for less muzzle velocity, penetration, damage and ammo reserve!

    • Damage: 27.54 -> 15.3
    • Pellets fired: 16
    • Max range: 60
    • Penetration: 0.1
    • Muzzle velocity: 900
    • Ammo reserve: 40

    The only damage it will impact is the long range damage past 60 studs, where it will drop to 7 hits required to kill your enemy, as you know a lower muzzle velocity means a higher pellet spread!
    But this is still a viable choice for this shotgun!

    Rubber Pellets:

    Increases max damage and suppression for less pellets, less minimum damage, less penetration and various other stats.

    • Damage: 37.7 -> 15.3
    • Range: 45 -> 98
    • Pellets fired: 6
    • Torso multiplier: x0.9
    • Penetration: 0.1
    • Suppression: 5.0
    • Ammo reserve: 40
    • Recoil: Overall decreased!

    Makes your shotgun be able to 3 hit enemies up close and cause extreme suppression however it limits the pellets fired to 6 per shot, decreasing the amount of hits you can give an enemy and becomes absolutely horrible to use at long range.
    The x0.9 torso multiplier drops the damage to 33.93 -> 13.77 so try to hit the limbs or the head!


    Massive increase in damage while only firing 1 big and more accurate pellet!

    • Damage: 87 -> 42.5
    • Torso multiplier: x1.2
    • Headshot multiplier: x2.29
    • Pellet spread: 0.42
    • Muzzle velocity: 1800
    • Penetration: 2.0
    • Ammo reserve: 40

    Pretty much turns your shotgun into a sniper, but it is not a 100% accurate sniper since there is still minor spread!
    It can one shot in the torso at close range and one shots in the head up close, but not at long range!


    .30-06 Conv.

    Turns your DBV12 into the DBV30-06 using .30-06 Springfield, pretty much becoming a fully automatic battle rifle!

    (+) Firemode changed to Auto!
    (+) Increased damage to 59.07 -> 42!
    (+) Increased headshot multiplier to x1.7!
    (+) Increased torso multiplier to x1.2!
    (+) Set spread to 0, becoming fully accurate!
    (+) Increased overall range!
    (+) Great increase in penetration!
    (+) Increased muzzle velocity to 2350 studs/s!
    (+) Increased magazine capacity to 20!
    (+) Increased ammo reserve to 60!
    (-) Removed Semi fire mode!
    (-) Decreased fire rate to 180 RPM!
    (-) Decreased pellets per shot to 1!
    (-) Increased overall recoil!
    (-) Slowed recoil recovery speed!
    (-) Increased reload duration!

    This powerful battle rifle conversion allows 2 hitting up close and even 2 hitting at infinite range if you hit the torso with both shots, it will do very high headshot damage but it won't one hit!
    It is fully automatic yes, but it has extremely low fire rate.
    It can be used as a DMR aswell, the low fire rate allows tap firing to be very easily done, and unlike Slugs it is 100% accurate, but slugs are still stronger damage wise!

    .410 Conv.

    Turns your DBV12 into the DBV410 chambered in .410 Bore!

    (+) Firemode changed to 3 Shot Burst!
    (+) Massive increase in fire rate to 1000 RPM!
    (+) Fires all 3 shots in one click!
    (+) Increased magazine capacity to 30!
    (+) Increased ammo reserve to 60!
    (+) Decreased overall recoil!
    (-) Removed Semi firemode!
    (-) Has a burst fire cooldown!
    (-) Decreased pellets fired per shot to 4!
    (-) Decreased min damage to 16!
    (-) Decreased min range!
    (-) Increased pellet spread!

    Turns your shotgun into a burst shotgun, one shot and it fires 12 pellets in total from 3 shots, the large 30 round magazines makes sure you can pull the trigger 10 times before having to reload, making it a really powerful shotgun, but it is less useful at longer ranges!


    The DBV12 has barely has any unique attachments, the only ones being the Hera CQR Grip, Retract Stock, .410 COnv. and .30-06 Conv.!
    Since this gun is a shotgun, it has access to Flechette, Birdshot, Rubber Pellets and Slugs ammo!

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • OKP-7
    • Muzzle Brake
    • Angled Grip
    • Tri Laser
    • Default


    • Keep in mind that atleast 1 pellet of your shotgun will always stay 100% accurate in the center of your shot!
    • After the DBV12 dissapeared from the test place during testing, it returned with double fire rate and only a 5 round magazine, this was reverted to what we know today.
    • This gun is based off the AK12/76 prototype that was cancelled.
    • The name DBV12 comes from Battlefield 4 where it is a playable weapon.

    My opinion on this gun

    A fun shotgun and quite customizable!
    It is reliable and not too OP, people call it the all rounder shotgun of the semi auto's.

    I rate this gun a 9/10!

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  • The .410 conversion is fun

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