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    The Remington 870 is an American pump action shotgun.
    It is unlocked at Rank 11!

    Pretty much, this is an all rounder pump action shotgun, stats are pretty much average in every way.
    It fires an average 8 pellets per shot dealing 33 damage up close per pellet or 17.5 damage past 50 studs!
    4 pellet hits are required to kill your enemy up close or 6 when past 50 studs.
    Try to aim for the head, it maximizes damage dealing x1.14 more damage, this gun can kill even if 1 pellet hits the head and 2 others hit the body.

    It has a nice low spread, making this a good and accurate shotgun, it is not the most accurate shotgun but it will do the job!
    Average muzzle velocity of 1500 studs/s, average penetration and very high suppression.

    It contains 6 shells in your magazine, plus an addition shell in the chamber, it reloads at 1.5 seconds per shell, a full reload would cost 9 seconds, but reloading 1 shell or two can proof to be faster than magazine fed shotguns!
    You have an ammo reserve of 50 shells!

    It fires at 100 RPM, rechambering after every shot, this is still relatively fast.
    It has a relatively high recoil kick, but it nicely centers way before your rechambering finishes making attachments not required to improve your gun!

    The iron sights are very clear and easy to use.
    Alternatively you can alt aim like every other shotgun using T!

    Shotgun ammo analysis


    Increases penetration and maximum range for less ammo reserve and max damage!

    • Damage: 26.4 -> 17
    • Max range: 60
    • Penetration: 1.5
    • Ammo reserve: 40

    Flechette on this gun will not hinder your gun's power in any way making it a great choice for this gun, it can be incredibly deadly with the quite low spread of this shotgun!


    Increases pellets fired per shot and max range for less muzzle velocity, penetration, damage and ammo reserve!

    • Damage: 31.35 -> 15.75
    • Pellets fired: 16
    • Max range: 60
    • Penetration: 0.1
    • Muzzle velocity: 900
    • Ammo reserve: 40

    The only damage it will impact is the long range damage past 60 studs, where it will drop to 7 hits required to kill your enemy, as you know a lower muzzle velocity means a higher pellet spread!
    But this is still a viable choice for this shotgun!

    Rubber Pellets:

    Increases max damage and suppression for less pellets, less minimum damage, less penetration and various other stats.

    • Damage: 42.9 -> 15.75
    • Range: 45 -> 91
    • Pellets fired: 6
    • Torso multiplier: x0.9
    • Penetration: 0.1
    • Suppression: 5.0
    • Ammo reserve: 40
    • Recoil: Overall decreased!

    Makes your shotgun be able to 3 hit enemies up close and cause extreme suppression however it limits the pellets fired to 6 per shot, decreasing the amount of hits you can give an enemy and becomes absolutely horrible to use at long range.
    The x0.9 torso multiplier drops the damage to 38.61 -> 14.175 so try to hit the limbs or the head!


    Massive increase in damage while only firing 1 big and more accurate pellet!

    • Damage: 99 -> 43.75
    • Torso multiplier: x1.2
    • Headshot multiplier: x2.29
    • Pellet spread: 0.3675
    • Muzzle velocity: 1800
    • Penetration: 2.0
    • Ammo reserve: 40

    Pretty much turns your shotgun into a sniper, but it is not a 100% accurate sniper since there is still minor spread!
    It can one shot in the torso at close range and guarantees an one shot kill to the head at any range, just keep that spread in mind!


    Extended Tube

    Extends the tube of your Remington 870 allowing more shells to be inserted!

    (+) Increased magazine capacity to 9!
    (-) Decreased ammo reserve to 27!
    (-) Slightly decreased equip and aim speed!

    Do know that you will have to choose between this and ammo types.


    The Remington 870 has barely has any unique attachments, the only ones being the Romanian Grip, Remove Stock and Extended Tube!
    Since this gun is a shotgun, it has access to Flechette, Birdshot, Rubber Pellets and Slugs ammo!

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • Mini Sight
    • Muzzle Brake
    • Blue Laser
    • Remove Stock
    • Flechette


    • Keep in mind that atleast 1 pellet of your shotgun will always stay 100% accurate in the center of your shot!
    • It used to contain 8 shells magazine capacity before it was nerfed for realism, luckily you can achieve this again with the Extended Tube with 1 extra shell.

    My opinion on this gun

    The all rounder pump action shotgun, relatively accurate and decent ammo and fire rate.
    Pretty much nothing can go wrong with this shotgun.

    I rate this gun a 8.5/10

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