Voting Ban Game V4 - Round 4

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    First of all, the main post will be the "qualifiers." This is to see who wants to join. Afterwards, round 1 will start and keep on going until the last player standing. Rounds will last 24 hours and will be as a topic. You can see the latest rounds on my signature. Only participants can vote. There are many ways to get out but the most common way is by being voted out, the other reasons are listed below.

    Have fun!


    (Standings also help guest know whats happening since they can't see the polls)

    User Votes Count Availability^ Perks Used Status Reason* Vote?
    Ikea Cat None Yes BANNED Majority Vote Yes
    SKS 0 Yes Not Banned
    M200 None Yes BANNED Didn't Vote
    G36 1 Yes Not Banned Yes
    SteveTheIgnorant 2 Yes Not Banned
    dany47474747 None Yes BANNED Didn't Vote Yes
    tinywasabi None Yes BANNED Didn't Vote


    Yes [The user is available], Unlikely [Use may not be available], No [User is not available], On Vacation [User is on vacation (please tell me), will merit a banned]

    *Banned Reasons:

    Voted Out [User had the highest votes], Didn't Vote [User didn't vote], Tied [Tied with another user, both gets banned], Majority Vote [No possible way that user cannot be banned], Unavailable [User is not available], Perks [Banned because of perks]


    (Disabled until V5)

    These are power-ups you can use to get a one-up against your opponents!


    To use a perk, reply to this tread and say "![perks]". Then I'll use this (with the exception of All In) to determine if you get the perk. Heads are positives, Tails are negatives.

    Perk Rules

    1. Only one Perk per round.
    2. Perks can be used on either banned or non-banned users.
    3. I determine the outcome of the Perk, if you don't like, too bad.

    Lists of Perks

    • Immunity (!Immunity)
      • Heads: All votes casted on you are neglected
      • Tails: Bans you
    • Vote Change (!Vote Change [User] to [User])
      • Heads: You can change a vote casted on you to a user of your choice
      • Tails: The user you picked can change your vote
    • Ignore Vote (!Ignore Vote [User])
      • Heads: Neglects a vote from a user of your choice
      • Tails: Neglects your vote, but you still have to vote
    • Double or Nothing (!Double or Nothing)
      • Heads: Doubles the value of your vote
      • Tails: Extra vote casted on you if at least one user voted for you
    • All In (!All in [Number])
      It'll be determine by this and on 1-20 settings. The user picks a number between 1-20 and if their number gets picked, they win the whole thing. If not, they will be banned and their vote won't be count for the entire version.


    Place User Wins
    1st (tied) tinywasabi 1 (V1)
    1st (tied) dany47474747 1 (V2)
    1st (tied) G36 1 (V3)


    For rankings, not the leaderboard handed out by me. Don't worry, I never win.

    1st >> 25 Upvotes + Follow
    2nd >> 10 Upvotes
    3rd >> Free Hug



  • Banned


  • Banned


    I added a Perks section for the game to make it more interesting. Please read them over. They won't be active until Version 5.

  • Ikea Cat quizizz copy
    Nice, maybe I'll join vbg more now.

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    PhantomSoldier That's the idea.

  • i feel like this is becoming more and more ironic

  • tinywasabi VBG is a mess of pause and unpause, and what happened to that cookie jar game? And the WWYD.

  • G36 is voted out.

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