C7A2 + PPK and SVK's return [Phantom Forces - Test place news #34]

  • Mar did something awesome today!
    Not only gave he us the C7A2... HE BROUGHT BACK THE PPK AND SVK!

    Test place update date: 06/03/2020


    Shay came back from Canada, He brought a souvenir to Lito.
    Shay: Lito, remember this?
    Lito: Is that the C7A2?
    Shay: Yes, Can we have this back?
    Lito: No Shay, I removed it for a reason.
    Shay: And what was the reason for the Tommy Gun? SPAS-12? PPSH-41? AWM? M1911?...
    Lito: I... OKAY FINE, JUST READD IT!, But you owe me another Animu Sight!

    Weapon skin zones: Available
    Weapon sounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mvm7Yn4ZR54

    Weapon screenshots:
    RobloxScreenShot20200306_213513071.png RobloxScreenShot20200306_213516275.png RobloxScreenShot20200306_213519302.png RobloxScreenShot20200306_213538026.png RobloxScreenShot20200306_213546454.png

    C7A2 stats:

    Rank: 128
    Category: Assault Rifle
    Damage: 29-24
    Damage falloff range: 50-160 studs
    Headshot multiplier: (x1.40) 40.6-33.6
    Bodyshot multiplier: (x1.00) 29-24
    Fire rate: 800 RPM
    Magazine size: 30
    Ammo reserve: 120
    Bullet type: 5.56x45mm NATO
    Reload time: 2.3 seconds
    Empty reload time: 3.5 seconds
    Default fire mode: Auto
    Fire modes: Auto / Semi
    Muzzle velocity: 2,500 studs/s
    Penetration depth: 1.0 studs
    Suppression: 0.5
    Equip speed: 12
    Aiming speed: 14
    Weapon walkspeed: 14.0 studs/s
    Aiming walkspeed: 7.0 studs/s
    Round in chamber: One

    Extra notes about the C7A2:

    • This gun existed in the Alpha stages, but got removed afterwards.
    • Despite having a C79 on default, It cannot use the alt-aim sights.
    • You can replace the C79 scope with optic attachments, even another C79.
      • Replacing the C79 with a C79 allows you to aim through the C79's iron sights using T.
    • This gun used to be dev-only for a while.
    • The original plan was to make the C7A2 unlockable via a different way than ranking up.

    Extra discovered things:

    • The PPK12 has been readded!
    • The SVK12E has been readded!
      • Now fit with a default 10x PM II Scope!
      • Higher recoil!
      • Semi automatic locked!
      • Deeper pitched sound!
    • M1911's reload speed has been buffed!
    • KAC SRR can no longer equip Muzzle Booster!
    • P90 barrel lengthener fixed with certain attachment combinations.
    • M9 can now use the Raffica Stock!
    • Muffler's recoil reduction rebalanced!
      • Also less volume suppression.
    • Grips now reduce sway speed and increase steady speed on Sniper Rifles.
    • Suppressors can now accept skins.

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  • so the C7A2 is a mix between a G36 for firerate and an L85A1 for damage. It has a super slow walkspeed when ADS. the damage is something I expected, something like a longer ranged focused assault rifle. I don’t understand the 128 unlock rank still. I feel the unlock rank might need to be lower to something less than the M231 (which should be the highest unlock level and stay the highest unlock level for an AR-15 gun in game) and maybe be below 100. I would say maybe something like 72 would be ok but as long as it has an unlock below 100, I’ll be fine with it.

  • Me looking at M93R stock, remembering my post about it from literally years ago
    "My time has come bois"

  • urbanestdog45 Perhaps the unlock rank is how they rank Alpha player's ranks are so they can enjoy a flashback while others have to unlock it.

  • I think I'd probably be able to serve in the Canadian Army and use a real C7 before I manage to be able to unlock the thing in PF

  • urbanestdog45 Grind and earn it, or use credits.

  • Y'all remember the old Honey Badger Reload sounds?

    I want it back

  • Darkman_Bree Question, since I'm unable to join the test place right now. What caliber does the description say the SVK12E is chambered in?

  • ExKaySeedy Probably stil 7.62x39 mm

  • @OTs-12 I just checked and it's 7.62x51mm NATO meaning that it's basically meant to be the .308 member of the AK-200 family.

  • ExKaySeedy but shouldn’t the SVK12E be renamed to just SVK or SVDM and the PPK12 be renamed to Vityaz SN?

  • @OTs-12 The "E" designation apparently stands for "Export". Maybe because it's in 7.62x51mm NATO instead of the Russian 7.62x54R perhaps?

    I think the PPK12's name is a fusion of the names of the AK-12 and PP-19.

  • ExKaySeedy PPK is a Walther pistol

    Also I have never seen an export version of an SVK, send pics

  • @OTs-12 IK the Walther PPK, just saying that the PPK12 name is possibly a fusion.

    The SVK existed as a prototype DMR based off of the AK-12 family. Research indicates that it chambered for both 7.62x51mm NATO and 7.62x54R.

    I can't find any evidence of there ever being an outright stated export variant, so I suppose this is a liberty Stylis took given the nature of its non-native (to Russia) round.

    The confusing thing is that not only was there the SVK, there was also another member of the AK-12 family chambered for 7.62x51mm NATO.

  • Banned

    The devs seem to want mar to finish them off most likely for release, not sure when but I can probably guess what date...

  • @OTs-12 Actually I've done a bit more research. The "PP" prefix in the PP-19 stands for Pistolet-pulemet (translates to machine pistol).

    Thus PPK-12 would be an abbreviation for "Pistolet pulemet Kalashnikov", or "Machine pistol of Kalashnikov".

    Which would make sense, as the AK-12 was the last weapon Mikhail Kalashnikov worked on prior to his death.

    In the same vein the SVK12E cannot be named SVDM since SV is Snáyperskaya Vintóvka (sniper rifle). So it would be SVK/Snáyperskaya Vintóvka Kalashnikov.

  • I just noticed that the PPK-12 has burst by default

  • BMHater12 Yes, it's a Burst PDW.

  • Why does the svk12e get a special scope but the other dmrs still have to use the poopy vcog.

  • Contractor

    ExKaySeedy the D in SVD stands for dragunov, while this is not a dragunov product. Hence, Special Sniper Kalashnikov for Export markets


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