Global forum rules

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    1. Spamming
    Flooding the forum or replying with a single word is spam, and is not allowed.
    When replying, please ensure your reply has effort in it.

    2. Bullying or harassment
    Insulting users on the forum or telling people to "kill yourself" is not
    allowed, joke or not. We do not tolerate harassment. This also includes witch-hunting.

    3. NSFW content
    Posting suggestive text, images, links, or anything you wouldn't
    show to your boss is not tolerated here. This includes avatars.

    4. Advertising
    Advertising is only allowed if you are promoting StyLiS titles.
    Do not spam advertise or be obnoxious about it.

    5. Hate Speech / Symbols
    Swastikas, racial/homophobic slurs, or other potentially offensive
    images or words are not tolerated on the forum.

    6. Scams
    Posting scams, IP grabbers, or other malicious link will get you
    immediately banned. Unknown links are not allowed.

    7. Politics or Religion
    Discussing these tend to lead to arguments.
    Avoid these topics at all times.

    8. Excessive swearing
    There's no need to swear excessively, it's immature. We don't mind the occasional
    "oh [censored]", but every other word being a swear word as an example is not allowed.

    9. Raiding the forum
    Any raiding or suspected raiding will be banned and/or IP banned from the forum.

    10. Trolling or Obnoxious Behavior
    It's easy to tell if you're trolling, don't "play dumb" or be annoying on the forum.

    11. Language
    StyLiS Studios is primarily an English-speaking community, and we lack
    moderators that speak other languages. Please use English only.

    12. Excessive Mentions
    Excessively mentioning users or moderators will warrant a temp ban.

    13. Category and tag usage
    Always use the correct categories for posting topics.
    Also please don't use tags excessively, use tags that are for organization,
    not just randomness. However, do tag your posts.

    14. Drama
    Do not bring drama from elsewhere onto the forum. Do not start any drama either,
    if you have a problem with a user or staff member, use the proper channels for reporting it.

    15. Impersonation
    Anybody caught purposely impersonating another user or moderator
    will be immediately banned.

    16. Spoilers
    Any spoilers of movies, TV shows, or any other media are prohibited
    until after 2 weeks of its premiere.

    17. Tragedies
    Tragedies involving death should not be joked about, including memes.
    Keep peers in mind while discussing about sensitive topics like these.

    18. Downvoting
    Downvoting is purely for off-topic posts/spam, etc. Don't downvote just because you
    disagree or they have a different opinion. Use it to get rid of posts that don't contribute to the topic.

    19. Upvotes and "Upvote threads"
    Upvoting is only for quality posts, and replies that actively and constructively contribute to a conversation. Just because a post isn't spam or doesn't break any rules doesn't mean you should upvote it.
    Asking for upvotes and making 'upvote threads' is not allowed and will result in appropriate moderation.

    20. Topic names must describe content
    Don't make a topic with a name like "wth?" as it doesn't help describe what the actual content is.

    21. Necrobumping
    Necrobumping refers to replying to posts that haven't received a reply in a long time. Please don't reply to a post that has been inactive for more then 3 months without good reason.
    Note: The author of the original post is exempt from this rule generally. But they should still have good reasoning.

    Even if a post doesn't explicitly violate any rule, it may be removed provided sufficient reasoning is given.

    Violating these rules may result in your immediate ban.

    In short; be good to your fellow posters, don't be unnecessarily rude just because you don't like them or what they said.


    To appeal your ban from the game join the Discord server and read #game-support. Or post it in the appeals forum category.


    If you believe a staff member is misbehaving, violating the rules or is abusing, use this form to report them.

  • Developer

    Added rule 18, don't want this turning into reddit, where any opinion that differs gets mass down voted, i want discussions to be upvoted as they should be, even if they differ in opinions, and spam, off-topic posts to be downvoted.

  • Nothing, just means you have to pay more attention in the future and make sure you're posting in the right category.
    If you keep doing it you may lose posting privileges.

  • WeebDoctor I don't think there's anything wrong with mods moving your posts before the right catagories even existed.

  • Developer

    I have update the rules, please read over them again to familiarize yourself.

  • Global Moderator

    Added Rule 21 and updated Rule 19.
    Please read over these rules to familiarize yourself with them.

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