Darkman's gun review - KRISS VECTOR

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    The KRISS Vector is an American SMG with a weird and unique design.
    It is unlocked at Rank 100!

    The most noticable attribute of this gun is the extremely high fire rate of 1200 RPM, it holds the highest fire rate of the PDW catagory.
    Along with that, it deals 35 -> 18 damage due to it using .45 ACP, which makes it insanely deadly up close, it can delete enemies in a matter of milliseconds.
    However, you only have the melting damage for up until 30 studs.
    It has a muzzle velocity of 1700 studs/s which is slightly above average for a .45 ACP weapon, but low penetration and suppression for a .45 ACP weapon just like the MAC10!

    It feeds from 25 round magazines, they burn up really fast so be careful with ammo consumption, alternatively you can use a 2 burst firemode to control your ammo better, to compensate for your ammo waste, the KRISS Vector has a higher than average ammo reserve of 150 bullets!
    Reloading is done in 2.3 seconds or 3.3 if empty.
    This weapon is fairly weighted compared to other PDW's, aiming and movement are slightly slower.

    Despite using .45 ACP, the recoil of this weapon is surprisingly low, and can become more accurate with the right loadout, it can become deadly accurate even for medium range!
    Hipfiring is quite stable but has some rotational recoil when hipfiring!

    The iron sights are quite big, blocking some view and the reticle is very small, making it hard to see through, equipping a new optic is recommended ASAP!

    9mm Conv.

    Replaces the ammo of your KRISS Vector to 9x19mm, combining weaker ammo and an extended magazine into one!

    (+) Increased magazine capacity to 33!
    (+) Increased ammo reserve to 165!
    (+) Reduced recoil!
    (+) Increased maximum range!
    (+) Improved recoil recovery!
    (-) Decreased damage to 30 -> 17!
    (-) Decreased muzzle velocity to 1500 studs/s!
    (-) Slightly decreased minimum range!

    Surprisingly, this is a popular conversion for KRISS Vector users, but it isn't even that good.
    It decreases damage too much to my liking.


    .22LR Conv.

    Replaces your ammo with .22 LR feeding from a mini magazine!

    (+) Increases headshot multiplier to x2.0!
    (+) Increased maximum range!
    (+) Increased ammo reserve to 200!
    (+) Huge decrease in reload duration!
    (+) Increased aiming speed!
    (+) Big decrease in recoil!
    (+) Eliminates hipfire spread!
    (-) Decreased damage to 25 -> 12!
    (-) Decreased magazine capacity to 10!
    (-) Decreased minimum range!
    (-) Decreased muzzle velocity to 1500 studs/s!
    (-) No suppression!

    Turns your Vector into a 1200 RPM fully automatic ZIP 22, but still this gun can still 4 hit kill up close and reloads rapidly fast!


    The KRISS Vector has the average amount of attachments like most other guns with a few extra's like the Osprey Suppressor, Long Barrel, Remove Stock, Retract Stock, 9mm Conv. and .22LR Conv..

    • Since this gun fires .45 ACP, this gun has access to the Plus P and Special ammo types.
    • Combining Remove Stock and .22LR Conv. makes a baby KRISS Vector.

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • Mini Sight
    • Compensator
    • Angled Grip
    • Tri Laser
    • Default


    • This was the first gun to be added from the CTE.
    • At some point, it had a questionable buff where the minimum damage was 20 or above.

    My own opinion on this gun

    Really easy to use, but it is in the list of one of the hated weapons by the community.
    So be careful not to get vote abused when using this.

    But I like using it, even though I rarely use it.

    I rate this gun a 9.5/10!

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  • Darkman_Bree My personal Kriss Vector, based off of the Chronicom rifles from Agents of SHEILD. VCOG is surprisingly not bad, especially when the gun is used in burst mode

    Chronicom Vector

  • doublepiedavid Big Vector with scope.

  • Darkman_Bree and it works great on burst

  • kriss vector more like tryhard gun
    totally not based on my personal grudges

  • tinywasabi Do you agree that its overrated?

  • dany47474747 not overrated, more overused, kinda like shotguns

  • Like honey badger

  • SteveTheIgnorant nah honey badger is 100% overrated

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