Darkman's gun review - FAL PARA SHORTY

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    The FAL PARA Shorty is a customized Belgian FAL 50.63 PARA classified as a PDW ingame!
    It is unlocked at Rank 98!

    An extremely powerful PDW dealing 40 -> 24 damage, if that is not enough for you, it has a x1.1 torso multiplier which will make sure you can 4 hit torso kill at long range, this is one of the few PDW's with the ability to 5 hit kill at long range or better!
    After 60 studs, it will start losing power!
    Fires at an average 700 RPM and an average 2000 studs/s muzzle velocity, very high penetration for a PDW and high suppression!

    However, the downside of this weapon is that it has the lowest magazine capacity in class, only having 20 round magazines!
    This is where you are gonna have to be careful with your ammo consumption, otherwise you will get caught during reloading at the wrong times!
    Reloading takes a swift 2.2 seconds or 2.9 if empty.
    It is fairly lightweight in movement speed but heavy for aiming, keep this in mind!

    The FAL PARA Shorty has an extremely powerful vertical kick in recoil, and little bits of horizontal recoil, for this I recommend the Muzzle Brake, it heavily reduces this kick making recoil more stable!
    Hipfiring is not the best either, it also has the strong vertical kick, but the gun remains quite centered.

    The iron sights are the same as the other FAL rifles, it is fairly open and easy to use.
    Alternatively, the FAL PARA Shorty can alt aim using T!


    5.56 Conv.

    Uses normal 5.56x45mm NATO 30 round magazines, turning your FAL PARA Shorty into a proper SBR!

    (+) Increased magazine capacity to 30
    (+) Increased muzzle velocity
    (+) Significant recoil reduction
    (+) Increased minimum range!
    (-) Decreased damage to 37 -> 21
    (-) Can no longer 4 hit kill in the torso at long range.
    (-) Halved penetration depth.

    Keeps your PDW strong while reducing the recoil, long range performance is worse!


    .45 Conv.

    Equips it with a 50 round .45 ACP drum magazine, making your FAL PARA Shorty the true FAL SMG!

    (+) Increases maximum damage to 50!
    (+) Increases magazine capacity to 50.
    (+) Increases ammo reserve to 150.
    (+) Does not increase reload time.
    (+) Great decrease in recoil.
    (+) Increased minimum range!
    (-) Large decrease in minimum range!
    (-) Decreases minimum damage to 18.
    (-) Decreases muzzle velocity.
    (-) Very large decrease in penetration depth.
    (-) Overall reduction in range.

    Makes your little FAL an extremely powerful SMG, can 2 hit people up to 15 studs with a large 50 round magazine!
    Talk about power here!


    The FAL PARA Shorty has a some unique attachments being the Extend Stock, Full Stock, 5.56 Conv. and .45 Conv.!

    • Since this gun uses 7.62x51mm NATO, this gun has access to the Silent ammo!
    • Grips replace the default grip of this gun!

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • Mini Sight
    • Muzzle Brake
    • Angled Grip
    • Full Stock
    • Default

    This setup will work with both conversions with even lower recoil than the normal 7.62x51mm NATO set.


    • Mar promised a Meme 2 Case and MLG 2 Case if this FAL variant won.
      • A Meme 2 Case was added but not a MLG 2 Case.
    • When it was first added, it was a Carbine.

    My opinion on this gun

    Lovely, a FAL PDW!

    Such a cute little baby FAL, who's the cute baby FAL? you are, yes you are!
    Ehm... sorry...

    Yeah this thing is awesome.
    Instant 10/10, It is an awesome PDW!

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  • Baby FAL

    You totally didn't write this quickly because it was a FAL or anything

  • Banned

    Wait, is this a real gun or something?

  • Ikea Cat It was based off a real gun, but I think it's more customized.

    DSA SA58 Pistol


  • Darkman_Bree said in Darkman's gun review - FAL PARA SHORTY:

    When it was first added, it was a Carbine.

    Sad Scar PDW noises

  • dany47474747 SCAR Carbine.

  • Would be cool if the SCAR PDW was remodeled into the new SCAR-SC

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