What weapons, in your opinion, are deserving of a buff?

  • Title says it all.

    Please be sure to explain why you believe said gun is worthy, and how it could be buffed.

  • FAL 50.63 PARA

    Better recoil stability, should be the hipfire version of the FAL 50.00

  • Darkman_Bree
    I'm not sure how the skeleton stock of the 50.63 would lead to better hipfire, logically speaking. And given the 50.63's shorter barrel and redesigned recoil spring (which is inside of the gun's main body instead of the stock (!)) I don't think it would have better recoil stability.

    But I think it should be much lighter and thus more mobile, perhaps serving as a more intermediate option between the 50.00 and the Para Shorty than just being a 50.00 with slightly tweaked stats.

    Maybe it would have slightly higher recoil and lower ranged viability at the cost of higher movement speed and ADS time

  • ExKaySeedy Pretty much what it is right now.

    The 50.63 PARA needs a buff some way or another.

  • Darkman_Bree Yes, but the Para is only has only one stud faster of a walkspeed. And it aims faster than the 50.00 by only 2 units, which frankly is not a that much of a difference in all honesty.

  • SVU need a buff
    What I would do is give it 50 more studs to min and max range(to give it something over the Scar SSR, which has basically the same 1shot headshot droppoff, but only like 5 studs longer), give it 10/60 round instead of 10/40 rounds, and move it from sniper to DMRs(this is to show its role as more of a DMR, and for people to stop discarding this gun because it can 1shot headshot)

  • G36K: Even though it deals less damage than the G36C, it still packs a punch even without hollowpoints.
    G36C: Has higher damage than G36K, but sometimes a full magazine is required to kill an enemy. Hollowpoints viable.
    SL-8: Even though it's low damage doesn't appeal to me, it compensates for in it's fast firerate. Hollowpoints viable.
    MG36: Has the same thing as the G36C but with a 100 round drum that looks like testicles sticking out the sides of the gun. Otherwise, useful in CQC. Hollowpoints viable.
    G36: The gun I started grinding on, has the same thing with the G36K.