Darkman's gun review - L2A3

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    The L2A3 also known as the Sterling is a British PDW used in WW2, it is currently the closest Alpha players can get to the removed Sten!
    It is unlocked at Rank 53!

    It is one of the slow RPM PDW's in the game firing at only 550 RPM, but this comes with some nice advantages!
    To start with, it deals a high 36 -> 24 damage for a PDW, the 3 hit kill drops at 45 studs.
    It fires at 2000 studs/s which is quite high for a PDW, take advantage of this to take on longer ranged enemies.
    Higher than usual suppression for a 9mm PDW and penetrates 1.1 stud walls.

    It feeds from a special magazine containing 34 bullets in the magazine!
    It is also easy and quite fast to reload!

    The recoil of this weapon is extremely low, a very accurate weapon that does not even need attachments other than an optic to be strong, even enemies at long range is no problem for this PDW!
    The hipfire is deadly accurate, there is litteraly no recoil or spread difference, it is great!

    Keep in mind that it is stuck on Full Auto, you cannot set it to semi!

    The iron sights are horrible, change it as soon as possible!


    .45 Conv.

    Changes your ammo to .45 ACP!

    (+) Increased maximum damage to 50!
    (+) Increased minimum range!
    (+) Added x1.1 torso multiplier!
    (+) Increased suppression!
    (-) Decreased minimum damage to 21!
    (-) Decreased maximum range!
    (-) Decreased muzzle velocity!
    (-) Decreased penetration!
    (-) Increased recoil!
    (-) Decreased magazine capacity to 30!
    (-) Decreased ammo reserve to 120!

    Increase the power of your gun, you can 2 hit enemies with ease up until 30 studs, the shots to kill for long range remains unchanged!
    But really only use this if you want better close range performance!


    The L2A3 has the average amount of attachments like most other guns with a few extra's like the Osprey Suppressor, Short Barrel, Long Barrel, Retract Stock, Remove Stock and .45 Conv.

    • Since this gun fires 9x19mm, this gun has access to the Plus P ammo type.
    • Equipping the Short Barrel and Remove Stock can lead to an extremely small gun, you even hold it with one hand!

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • Barska Electro
    • Muzzle Brake
    • Angled Grip
    • Tri Laser
    • Default


    • When it was added to the test place, it was named the L2A1, this caused confusion with the fully automatic L1A1 in real life.
    • When it was added, it couldn't equip optics.
    • Equipping the EOTech XPS2 puts on Spongebob duct tape like with the Sten in Alpha.

    My own opinion on this gun

    Extremely accurate, historical and deadly!

    Man, this thing is really good and if not the most accurate hipfire weapon in the game!
    This is a perfect low RPM PDW!

    I rate this gun a perfect 10/10!

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  • The MP5 has the average amount of attachments...

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    RageSamuraiX Goddamnit, I overlook that part so many times.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This thing is a laser lol

  • The Sterling was developed in WW2, but was adopted after it. In WW2, iirc the Brits used the STEN.

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    Darkman_Bree What's your favorite SMG in the game (If its the Para Shorty then tell me an SMG besides that)

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    @Ikea-Dog FAL PARA S... oh...

    Well, I don't have another favorite PDW really, I do like using the Tommy Gun, P90, MP40 and Uzi.

  • @Ikea-Dog For me I juggle between MP40, Thompson, and M3A1, but for modern PDWs the G36C is my bae.

    Sorry Darkman.

  • .45 is pretty nice. it 2-hits limb up to 30, 1-hit limb 1-hit torso up to around 38-40, and 2-hit torso up to like 45
    idk these are from memory someone check stats

  • The sights on it are quite nice to use actually... If you want god awful sights go look at the sights on the MSG-90

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