Character customize

  • So I was thinking about character customize for a long time.Well I came up with some ideas. Customize your hair/helmet,head,Right arm,torso,left arm,right leg and left leg .so which clothing to add?

  • I would only like face accessories like sunglasses and NV and hats

  • Thedonald fortnite intensifies

  • Maybe not so in-detail as to have custom arms/torso/legs. Maybe just different camos for different types of outfits.

    (i.e. SWAT uniforms, Insurgent clothing, etc.)

  • There will be a time where players can customize their characters but there is a point were we go to far. Gillie suits are my main conserns as grass might be part of the game sooner or later. Gillie suits are cool and i do like the being in the game but many people might learn to abuse certain spots. Like for example the hill at ghost spawn in dunes. How many bfg campers already use that spot. Many more will join if dessert gillie suit were to be part of the game.