Darkman's gun review - MP7

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    The MP7 is a German PDW using special 4.6x30mm ammo.
    It is unlocked at Rank 9!

    It is the direct rival of the P90 due to it both entering competition IRL for a new special pistol round capable of armor piercing.
    However, the P90 was proven better and won the competition. BELGIUM HAS BETTER GUNS! HA! TAKE THAT GERM... oh wait, we need to talk about the MP7, sorry, I let myself go.

    Anyways, it deals a low 30 -> 18 damage and loses it already after 40 studs proving this weapon is poor for range, but it does have a 2000 studs/s muzzle velocity though.
    It feeds from a standard 30 round magazine but can be extended to a 40 round magazine.

    This weapon has 3 shining attributes:

    1. The high penetration depth of 1.8 studs.
    2. The high 950 RPM fire rate.
    3. The low recoil.

    Starting with penetration, it has no problems penetrating walls making it hard to take cover from.

    Then the RPM, it has a high RPM, but not the highest of the PDW's of course, but it is enough to spray your enemies to death.

    And lastly, the recoil, it has extremely low vertical recoil but suffers in minimal horizontal recoil, but you can already solve this with an Angled Grip, barrel attachments aren't even needed, but if you want to add a Compensator, I won't stop you.
    Hipfiring is very accurate, all you have to do is make sure your gun stays stable after the first shot, the first shot of hipfiring is quite a kick.

    It has easy to use iron sights.


    The MP7 has a few unique attachments being the: Osprey Suppressor, Folded Grip, Hera CQR Grip, Retract Stock and Extended Magazine.

    • The front grip is replaced by any Underbarrel you equip.

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • Mini Sight
    • Compensator
    • Angled Grip
    • Extended Magazine
    • Default


    • It is the only gun to use 4.6x30mm ingame as of now.
    • The Loudener gives it the sound of the MP7 from the Half Life series.
    • During development, it could use grips but in a certain update, this along the P90 had their grip attachments removed, but anyone that still equipped them could still use them, eventually the grips were readded for both guns.
      • During that time, the grips on the MP7 were mounted sideways.

    My own opinion on this gun

    Okay, this is surprisingly fun to use but annoying when it used agains't you.

    But my personal loadout is actually slightly different, I use the Loudener instead of the Compensator because I like the sound too much and the recoil reduction is very minimal anyway.
    It makes it much more fun to use for me.

    I rate this gun a 8.5/10!

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  • Darkman_Bree said in Darkman's gun review - MP7:


    3 Best gun making countries:
    Belgium is obviously the best, they make the SCARs, the FALs, the Five Sevens, and even produce AR-15s. FN best!

    United States, we have 999999 guns.
    M1911, all AR-15s, Remington 700, M1919, M1917, M2 Browning, Mossberg, M60, M14, Barret snipers, just to name a few. And every single one I just listed are high quality. God bless the free world!

    Germany invented Assault Rifles and have some good engineering, but they did directly steal the M4 and made it into a "new" HK416. Theives!!
    But they did make stuff like the MP5, G36 and G3 making it just a tiny bit lower than the U.S.

  • Why extended? It makes your reserve ammo the equivalent of a women's pant pocket.

  • tinywasabi More bullets in the magazine, more enemies to destroy.

  • Darkman_Bree two magazines worth is not a lot, espially with this gun's ammo consumption

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