Lets Talk #8 M4A1

  • as many of you know, i no longer have access to a personal computer, so i've been playing PF on console, and i've really had some time to adapt to a controller (no keyboard or mice) and i have to say, the M4A1 is alright

    this lets talk will be relatively lackluster due to my current illness

  • M4A1 is a good starter weapon.
    For people that prefer close range fights with high damage.

  • Well the gun itself is pretty much solid, high damage up close, smooth recoil overall, good handling.
    The only disadvantage is its lack of damage at range, making long range combat with it not really advisable.
    All in all, I would definitely recommend M4A1 to those being new to the game or anyone who is disgusted by high recoil.

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  • Banned

    It's a jack of all trades carbine to me, what you expect from a carbine is probably what the M4A1 has.

  • Its basically the smaller version of the M16A3 with less rpm and more mobility... a perfect starter gun

  • Banned

    worse m16a3

  • @LameGaming well, it's going to be "worse" because it's a carbine. please consider it as such

  • The m4a1 is a solid choice as it is powerful at close range and the recoil is manageable. Plus that reload time. Also due to many using ar and carbines ammo will be abundant. Thouh there are so draw backs as the barrel isnt as long as an ar or battle rifle, making the range disadvantage at range very noticable. Thought this can be fixed with ap even though it got a hard nerf. Hollow point on it can also devastate an entire team as it can go up to 40 something. Im texting this on a phone bc my new laptop is being shipped and my old one has broken key board and the cpu got fried, so i cant check the exact specs with hollow point on.