PPK12/U Pistol / Draco-12 (Weapon Idea)

  • Remember the PPK12 secondary from the CTE? I don't, but this is effectively that but slightly different.
    Since we're getting two new machine pistols in the Christmas update, I thought I could post my idea for a PPK12 pistol revival.

    PPK12 with default 10 round magazine
    PPK12 with default 10 round magazine

    PPK12 with optional 30 round magazine
    PPK12 with optional 30 round magazine

    Some basic stats:

    • Damage: 34 max - 20 min
    • Multipliers: Torso: 1.0x - Head: 1.4x
    • Damage range: 40 studs max - 90 studs min
    • Muzzle velocity: 2000 studs / second
    • Firerate: 700 RPM
    • Fire modes: Auto, Semi (No hyperburst)
    • Ammunition: 10 / 70 (Default) - 30 / 30 (Extended)
    • Equip speed: 15 (Default) - 12 (Extended)
    • Aim speed: 16 (Default) - 13.5 (Extended)
    • Reload speed: 2.1 seconds / 3.2 seconds (Default) - 3.1 seconds / 4.1 seconds (Extended)
    • Walk speed: 15 studs / second (Default) - 14.5 studs / second (Extended)

    I believe the recoil would most likely be similar to the AK12BR, with less kick and more vertical recoil, but not too much to keep it controllable.

    pls giv feedbach

  • I love it, I wanna see it in the main game.

  • I like the idea of the PPK/u. however, the only issue is that we already have both the Skorpion EVO and the ARM

  • GamerLazerYugYT the new guns have almost same stats, thes gun I think its great for the update

  • Honestly it should be renamed to the Draco-12. We already have a "PPK-12" as a conversion for the AKU-12, so adding yet another PPK-12 as a different weapon would be confusing imho. Same idea, just a different name.

  • GamerLazerYugYT "Arm" in "Bushmaster Arm Pistol" isn't even an acronym, it shouldn't be all uppercase. Also, we don't have the Scorpion EVO. We have the Skorpion.

  • No more semi-fictional AK12 variants please

    I'm down for a Draco though

  • Ikea Dino but Scorpion Evo could be a new PDW? Its not a machine pistol for sure.

    Also Carbine barrel for Scorpion when

    pocket carbine with 30 bullets

  • CamaroKidBB let’s just get a draco and give it a Draco-74 conversion