What's keeping us from simply getting the old spawning system back until something that isn't gamebreaking could be introduced?

  • Please see title

  • imo they want to keep the idea of spawning close to the action.

  • honestly, I like the new spawning system..

    just like Ikea said, I spawn closer to the battle

    unpopular opinion over..

  • If you had a 100 kill game before the new system came out you love it. But otherwise, it ruins the game

  • I like the new spawns because I can reach the Hill faster

  • I hate the new spawns because you literally spawn with the enemy and then get killed the moment you set foot in the battlefield.

  • Phoneguy1245 Then be on your toes you big dummy.

  • Ikea Cat it takes a few seconds for most people to get adjusted after spawning. Setting up scopes and fire modes, looking around for threats, etc

  • Although I do specialize in using spawntrap to kill newbies and benefit from it. However, this is really unfair to them and not good for the popularity of the game (making newbies give up).

    I think that in addition to increasing the number of spawn points on the map, the algorithm also needs to be improved, as enemies are currently spawned around (or you spawn around them).
    That was the most annoying moment.

    I also found that the algorithm tends to make players born on the same side or in the same region. I don't know why it works that way.

    Their intention to improve spawntrap is good, but some adjustments are needed.

  • GhostLuke yes exactly. On top of that, the spawns should be close to walls or corners, so you don’t have to watch your back for a few seconds, and they can possibly add a system to cancel any spawns meeting certain criteria (x distance from an enemy, not suppressed or in range of a live grenade, y distance from a POI, etc). The best system would allow the player to decide their own spawning rules (within reason, such as whether you are fine with being 20 studs away or you need the full 100 studs)

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