Attachments Overhaul V2

  • Be prepared to take a lot in.

    This is going to cover my idea for a complete attachment rework. It'll be unlike any other game, and very advanced.

    A new attachment UI is implemented. It pulls up a side view of your gun, and all of the different sections are split, and you can click on each. Here are all the different sections, and I'll use the M231 as the specific example.

    Please excuse the crappy diagram.

    So, lets break this down.

    Muzzle, stock, magazine, stock and barrel are all self explanatory. Muzzles are muzzles, barrels are different lengths, stocks are arm thingies and magazines hold different amounts and types of rounds. What about rails? Conversions? Why are there three things under ammunition?

    Conversions are modifications to the way the firearm operates. Ammunition is separate. Through conversions, you could turn this rotating bolt M231 into an open bolt M231; The RIA FPW. Same round, different operation. It fires slower with this conversion.

    Under ammo, you will see that there are three categories: Bullet, Casing, and Pressure. The bullet part is where you can use either hollow points, tracerless, or armour piercing rounds. Casing is how you convert the gun to fire an entire different round, like 9MM or .50 Beowulf. Pressure is how you can either lower the pressure of the round, say, to become a lower pressure .223 Remington round, or a +P and even a +P+ round! All this stuff can be combined, so finally, you can have .223 Remington and armour piercing at the same time. On something like the FAL Para Shorty, you could have .45, +P and Hollow Point at the same time!

    So, what are rails? These replace under-barrels. You attach a rail instead. On some guns, you could attach only one rail, and on others, you could choose to attach either one or four! From there, you gain the ability to attach stuff like grips, lasers, flashlights, and other stuff like ballistics trackers. You could have three bal-trackers if you really wanted to. Grips can be mounted on the left or right rails if that is available, but you can only mount one grip at a time.

    What about balancing? If you had an AA12, 20 rounds of birdshot would be ridiculously overpowered, but slugs wouldn't. The magazine would be included in the magazine section, however, you would be restricted from attaching flechette and birdshot. It would be greyed out to represent an incompatibility. Now, you can convert the AA12 into a civilian, 20 round slug firing shotgun! You could turn it into the short ranged DMR that you have always wanted it to be.

    So, along with incompatibilities, there are also required attachments for some other attachments.

    I will use an M4 as an example. The 7.62 ammo type obviously will not work with the normal STANAG magazine. It forces a magazine change. When equipping the 7.62 ammo type, it will automatically change the available magazines. The standard "5.56 30rd Mag" selected by default will change to a "7.62 20rd Mag". The M4 does not have any magazine types available right now, but lets say there is a 50 round drum that holds the normal round. That would disappear until you remove the 7.62 ammo. At the same time, there would be a 40 round drum replacement that holds 7.62. Just to clarify, if you unlock the 50 round 5.56 drum, you automatically unlock the 50 round 7.62 drum. No need for more work. Technically, they are the "same attachment", a "drum mag", but they hold different rounds in different capacities.

    Incompatibility examples:

    • +P+ does NOT work with lighter bolts. (Physics, a lighter bolt would take severe damage from a round like this)
    • The AA12 cannot have birdshot/flechette with a 20rd drum. (Game balance)
    • FAL Para Shorty "50rd .45 ACP Drum" does not work with standard ammo. (Ammo would not fit)
    • Mosin-Nagant 8MM rounds are incompatible with the standard magazine. (Ammo would not fit)

    Required attachments examples:

    • The 8MM Mosin ammo type requires the larger 5rd 8MM mag.
    • The C7A2 .45 ACP ammo type requires a .45 ACP mag of any kind.
    • The FAL Para Shorty .45 ammo type requires a .45 ACP mag of any kind.
    • The VPOs require a smooth-bore barrel of any length to fire pellets, like birdshot and buckshot.

    Yes, that is a LOT of coding, and that's why I think it would be a great final update for the game. Sending the game off with an update like this would really extend the life time. Finding all the crazy attachment combos after this update would keep the community going for quite a while. People might be able to use different guns without them being too different. This kind of stuff could help make the game feel "complete" in a way.

    I'll have new posts out later with ideas of different attachments using this system.

    That was a lot of information. Would you like an update like this? Was this post a little too confusing to understand?

  • hmm... I like the idea, but it would really change up the way the game plays. Maybe if the game ever gets remade down the line...

  • AUG A3
    HBAR barrel
    Muzzle Brake
    Left rail: Blue Laser
    Bottom Grip rail: Stubby grip
    Right Rail: Green Laser
    Bullet: Tracerless
    Casing: .300 BLK
    Pressure: Regular / +P
    Magazine: 50rnd Drum

  • Make bullpup weapons incompatible with stock section?

  • big heck yea!
    i feel like when we first start phantom forces, we get overwhelmed by the number of attachments
    but in the end, we only ever use two or three for each category. (when in doubt, muzzle brake-folding grip-green laser)
    this would definitely change things up

  • Even though this requires a ton of coding I dig this idea

  • I like this.

  • VPO usually have Paradox rifling (120mm from muzzle rifled, rest smoothbore) and 9.6x53 Lancaster barrels have Lancaster oval bore

    also, fuck yeah this is sick, maybe weapons could be reduced to conversions (AUG, AUG Para, AUG 40, HBAR Barrel etc. (can be unlocked by rank and by kills, perhaps))


  • This could be fun as long as attachments don't have crazy kill requirements, looking at you ammo category(although ammo requiring high kills makes sense since they change gameplay the most, and can make guns significantly worse)

  • rhinodomo Bruh don't forget about the sniper scopes, like goddamn, why 10k over a scope?

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