Darkman's gun review - RPK

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    The RPK is the LMG variant of the famous AK47!
    It is unlocked at Rank 54!

    Right off the bat you will notice this gun has very harsh recoil, this is the main thing that drives people off this gun, there is no complete way to fix this gun's recoil but the least you can do is lower it with attachments and for the rest you have to learn to deal with it.
    Hipfiring is a no no, it cannot keep itself stable while hipfiring.

    While it has that recoil, it does deal a powerful amount of damage, it will deal 42 -> 32 damage and fires at 600 RPM, it deals the most damage out of every LMG in the game, it will 3 hit up until 80 studs.

    It has a 45 round magazine and 180 ammo reserve, this will give you quite some firepower, keep in mind that you take slightly longer to reload though.

    The iron sights are the same as the other AK's, they are very easy to use.

    .366 (Buckshot)

    Turns your RPK into a LMG shotgun.
    This is the only gun with .366 Conversions that does not rename the gun, but I like to call this the RPK-209.

    Fires 8 pellets dealing 24 -> 16 damage per pellet, this is extremely low damage and also has high spread.
    The main advantage the RPK VPO has over the other VPO's is the 15 round magazine, it uses 5 more bullets than the other VPO's.

    Keep in mind that the recoil is also dramatically increased.
    Oh and it is stuck in Semi firemode.

    .366 (Slugs)

    Turns your RPK into a psuedo-DMR with some RNG spread.

    Increases damage to 66 -> 38, allows 2 shot kills up close and 1 shot headshot kills until 80+ studs.
    Uses 15 round magazines at semi auto.

    This actually reduces recoil unlike the buckshot.


    The RPK has a couple of unique attachments, which are the Romanian Grip, Hera CQR Grip, .366 (Buckshot) and .366 (Slugs)

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • OKP-7
    • Compensator
    • Stubby Grip
    • Tri Laser
    • Default

    Replace the Stubby Grip with an Angled Grip if you are using the .366 (Buckshot) conversion, Angled Grips are recommended for shotgun type guns, it provides a stable reduction in recoil!
    Use a scope if you wish to use .366 (Slugs).


    • I do not believe the two VPO Ammo types even exist for the RPK.
    • Realisticly, the RPK does not have 45 round magazines, it can use 40 round magazines though.

    My opinion on this gun

    The recoil makes it unfun to use, but luckily the damage makes up for it.

    Right now I am farming this gun to get the buckshot and slugs ammo, I am getting some good kills with it but sometimes it is a struggle to use.

    I rate this gun a 8.5/10!

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  • Trivia:
    10 rounds are the limit for legal magazine capacity for Russia.
    VPO does not have buckshot, only birdshot and slug.

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    Wait what is Belgium's native language?

  • I thought the RPK was based on the AKM?
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  • PhantomSoldier 49% Dutch, 49% French, 2% German.

  • Because VPO Ammo's


    VPO Ammo is

  • if anything it should be "ammunition types"

  • Darkman_Bree "I do not believe the VPO Ammo is even exist for the RPK."

    That's what you put in the trivia with the contraction removed.

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