banning these false kickers

  • i have proof that these people have false kicked and i will give there names to MrFlossycoolPanda this guy kicked me for using a shotgun because i was complain about a shotgun earlier that he was using but i didn't kick him i just told him that i was sorry for complaining and that i wanted to use a shotgun of my own yes this may sound dumb but there is more to the story this guy then decides to call me a bunch of thing such as a no life and a b word cause i use a shotgun when he did then the entire server join in with him then they end up false kicking me there are more players that i could name after i post this story i will check my clips and see if i managed to catch the other one stylist if your reading this and think that this guy is not a false kicker watch this guys chat trust me this guy is toxic and just a all around jerk.

  • savageduckslit2 Use the Discord bot for reporting.

  • savageduckslit2 complaining here will do no use, try going onto the stylis discord

    also space your sentences my eyes hurt

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