Darkman's gun review - RPK12

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    The RPK12 is the LMG variant of the AK12 assault rifle.
    It is unlocked at Rank 37!

    It deals 32 -> 21 damage keeping the 32 damage up to 100 studs, that is low for a LMG but it is made up for its very controllable recoil and a nice 45 round magazine that takes 3 seconds to reload, 4 if your gun is empty.
    It also has a high muzzle velocity of the LMG catagory on par with a few other LMG's.

    It fires at 700 RPM in full auto but it has an optional triple burst that fires at a faster 1000 RPM just like with the AK12, consider using this triple burst at close range and try to hit atleast 1 shot in the head, if you do so, you will one burst kill your enemy.

    Unfortunately the RPK12 has the lowest suppression of all LMG's, much lower than the 2nd lowest LMG actually.

    The recoil of this weapon is relatively low, it is easy to hit targets with this low recoil, the recoil is too much for the 1000 RPM 3 burst at long range so keep it on Auto or Semi for that range.
    The hipfire on this weapon is surprisingly stable for a LMG.


    7.62 Conv.

    Converts the ammo you are using to 7.62x39mm, packing up extra power!

    • (+) Increases damage to 40 -> 31
    • (+) Added x1.1 torso multiplier.
      • Allows the RPK12 to 3 hit torso at long range.
    • (+) Increased penetration.
    • (-) Removes burst mode.
    • (-) Decreased damage range.
    • (-) Decreased muzzle velocity.
    • (-) Increased recoil.


    The RPK12 has the average amount of attachments like most other guns with a few extra's like the Short Barrel, Hera CQR Grip, Retract Stock and 7.62 Conv..

    • Since this gun fires 5.45x39mm, this gun has access to the Super Armor P. ammo type.
    • The Short Barrel gives your RPK12 a normal AK12 barrel turning it into an assault rifle with extended magazine.

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • OKP-7
    • Muzzle Brake
    • Stubby Grip
    • Tri Laser
    • Default


    • The real life name of this weapon is RPK16.
    • Despite it normally being the RPK16, this is extremely off the real life model.
      • This version still uses the old AK12 prototype though, so you can't blame anyone here.

    My own opinion on this gun

    No problems with this gun, I enjoy it.
    The 3 hit kill torso at long range capability actually surprised me here.

    I rate this gun 8.5/10!

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  • SUPRE AP!!

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