Darkman's gun review - MG36

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    The MG36 is the LMG variant of the G36 rifle, it uses a 100 Beta-C double drum magazine, a bipod and the G36C's iron sights.
    It is unlocked at Rank 33!

    It uses 5.56x45mm NATO and contains 100 rounds of ammo, enough firepower to last for a very long time without reloading, and since this is not a belt magazine, it will reload significantly faster than belt magazine weapons, it requires 4.7 seconds for a normal reload and 6.2 for an empty reload!
    It deals 30 -> 23 damage and starts losing the damage at 70 studs.

    It fires at 750 RPM full auto but also has an optional double burst mode and semi auto mode.

    The recoil of this weapon has quite high recoil plus the extra horizontal recoil making this weapon quite inaccurate, attachments are very recommended because you won't get anywhere running it stock.
    Hipfiring is also inaccurate and not recommended.

    The iron sights are big and thin, very open and easy to use, alternatively you can use T to alt aim like every other LMG.

    .300 Conv.

    Turns your MG36 into the MG237!

    Increases max damage, min range and suppression, while making suppressors have 0 reveal range.
    But removes burst mode and decreases min damage, max range and muzzle velocity!


    The MG36 features a few unique attachments, the only ones being Retract Stock, Romanian Grip, Hera CQR Grip and .300 Conv.!

    • Since this weapon fires 5.56x45mm NATO, this weapon has access to the .223 Rem ammo type!
    • Since this weapon is part of the G36 series, the Hensoldt 3x Sight is a free optional optic attachment.
      • Be aware that the Hensoldt 3X Sight is not a very clear sight, obstructing alot of your view.
    • Certain optic attachments will automatically equip the Hensoldt 3x Scope with your optic ontop of it, giving you the ability to switch between sights with "T"

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • DDHB Reflex
    • Compensator
    • Angled Grip
    • Tri Laser
    • Default

    If you wish for lower recoil, use the .223 Rem ammo type, it won't lower your hits to kill.
    The DDHB Reflex is one of the sights that give you the Hensoldt 3x Sight as alternative aim.


    • At one point it was buffed to 4 hit kill at any range, but that was quickly undone, we do not know why Stylis thought it was a good idea.
    • It is known that the MG36 in real life can overheat if you fire through its entire magazine without stopping.

    My opinion on this gun

    No problems agains't this weapon.

    I think it is a good LMG for people that want a huge magazine without having a punishing reload.
    But I do not have any special feelings towards it.

    I rate this gun a 8/10.

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  • Darkman_Bree said in Darkman's gun review - MG36:

    we do not know why Stylis thought it was a good idea.

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  • Honestly I think the range needs to be buffed to 90 - 140 or something like that.

  • I don't see the point of this gun because it has trash range and damage the normal G36 is way better, heck even the G36K

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  • Edited review to include the new .300 Conv.

  • Darkman_Bree ...so basically .300 Conversion turns the MG36 into a more traditional LMG with an added suppressor bonus, at the cost of reduced velocity? I mean, if you truly want to go all the way into a bootleg WW2 LMG slap on a Muzzle Booster too, and maybe a Bundeswehr sight.

  • CamaroKidBB Euhhhh... yes

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