Weapons that could use stock attachments.

  • So yeah, another suggestion directed to Mar.

    Here's some weapons that could use the Retract Stock, Remove Stock and Full Stock attachments because I really don't see why not.
    Enjoy it Mar, Do we deserve the SVU-A back now?



    I do not see a reason why not to include Retract Stock, that looks perfectly retractable.


    Steyr Scout

    If the Remington 700 can remove this stock, why not the Steyr Scout?



    The AG-3 is like the G3, only the G3 has a full stock but the AG-3 does not, I feel like the AG-3 can use that.



    I do not see a reason not to include the Full Stock, just use the K2's stock?



    This is another Carbine AK12, why not give it access to the retractable stock like the one the AKU has?



    A full stock, looks like it would fit on this weapon, so why not?



    I feel like I'm gonna list every gun that uses that G3 platform.
    Yeah, Full Stock would fit here too, maybe the MP5 one?



    A Full Stock for the MP5K, it might be goofy holding the MP5's stock but why not? I've seen it before.



    Why can we not retract this? It looks like it can.


    MP5, MP5SD

    A retractable stock, something like this:


    It's from Left 4 Dead 2 and the old GTA series.
    I love the stocks on those MP5's.



    A full stock for the MP5/10, why not?



    A stock for the MP1911, it is currently the only machine pistol without a stock attachment, so why not?
    I can't find the reference picture anymore, I've seen it before.

  • UMP45 full stock:

    Hera CQR stock:

    Also imo retractable stock should provide a stat change (increase in walkspeed identical to folded stock, slightly increased aimspeed, moderate increase in recoil), and remove stock should have more extreme changes than fold stock to make it not a fold stock skin (slightly greater increase in walkspeed/aimspeed, slightly greater increase in recoil). After all, changing to a retractable stock from a full stock usually is changing to a lighter stock, and removing the stock entirely reduces the mass of a firearm (more specifically, by the mass of said stock).

    Besides that, retracting and removing the stock has the same description: "Fold out the weapon's stock for better equip, aim, walkspeed, and recoil recovery speed. Accuracy is hindered by the offset weight and lack of a stock." In my opinion, retracting the stock wouldn't be "folding out" the stock, but "pushing in" or "folding in" a stock, and removing a stock isn't folding the stock at all. Retracting a stock doesn't mean it doesn't have a stock, it just means it's retracted. (Can you describe the weight as being offset to the front instead of to the left/right sides anyway?)

  • Stevens DB could definitely use a remove stock attachment, along with a short barrel

  • My only objection is to the Intervention's Retract Stock, yes, it is perfectly retractable, but that is only meant for transporting purposes, logically, if you look closer to the actual Intervention you'll see you can't actually cycle the bolt without extending the stock. So unless somehow you push and retract the stock back again after each cycle I don't think that would work.

  • @T0x1cL The Hera CQR stock is straight up something I wanna see for the AR-15s.

  • Darkman_Bree intervention stock cannot be retracted, it's made like that SPECIFICALLY so the bolt can be cycled back.

  • KommandoKazumi Really? That's weird.

  • @T0x1cL 2nd picture: War machine!

  • Steyr remove/retract stock look goofy

  • Darkman_Bree I mean the only reason to retract it is to make transporting it around easier. But yea, the bolt slides (almost) all the way back into the stock before sliding forwards again and rotating to chamber a round and lock into place. You can see this in the bolt cycling animation. I think. Or it should be visible anyways.

  • Intervention

    Joke attachment: Retract Stock

    Makes your Intervention a decoy! You cannot fire it but your movement speed will be quicker (lol) !

  • M200 more like you can fire it once (1 round in chamber)

  • @T0x1cL Well shucks. I guess it might not be totally useless after all.

  • oh also Vector CRB Stock (basically full stock, please i just want a proper vector crb, .22LR or not is optional)

    As shown on Vector 22 CRB:

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