Darkman's gun review - M60

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    The M60 is an American belt fed LMG, it is widely known to be used in Vietnam and has the nickname: "The Pig".
    It is unlocked at Rank 19!

    This is the first belt fed LMG you will unlock, it is a powerful machine gun containing 100 rounds of fully powered 7.62x51mm NATO firing at 550 RPM.
    Due to the extremely high magazine capacity, it also has an extremely long reload, it takes an entire 8.1 seconds to reload the belt magazine, so you might aswell empty your entire magazine before reloading, and make sure you are safe during reloading!

    It deals a powerful 39 -> 24 damage, it will destroy enemies at any range, the 3 hit kill remains until 120 studs and then drops to a 5 hit kill unless you hit the torso or head.
    It has a x1.1 torso multiplier which will bring up the long range damage enough to 4 hit kill in the torso.
    The M60 also has very high muzzle velocity, high suppression and extreme penetration power, making this a nightmare for sniper users.

    Don't be afraid to fire in full auto agains't snipers at long range, you actually give yourself an advantage instead of tap firing which you may hit your shots more and conserve more ammo but the sniper stands a better chance in shooting your beautiful head off.
    It has high recoil but it is controllable especially with attachments.
    It is fairly accurate in hipfiring due to the low RPM.

    Keep in mind this weapon is very heavy, it will slow down your aim speed and walk speed, equip a melee or secondary if you need to move to certain area's.
    Also keep in mind this gun is stuck in Full Auto, you cannot switch firemodes!

    It has very open iron sights, yet it is not useful for full auto, you can change the iron sights at anytime with a different sight though.
    SInce this weapon is a LMG, it can alt aim using T.


    The M60 only has a few special attachments, the only one being the Anti-Aircraft Irons, Hera CQR Grip and Remove Stock!

    • Since this gun uses 7.62x51mm NATO, this gun has access to the Silent ammo!
    • Anti-Aircraft Irons is a free optic attachment.

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • DDHB Reflex
    • Muzzle Brake
    • Stubby Grip
    • Tri Laser
    • Default


    • This weapon is highly controversial, there are people hating it and people saying it is ok.
    • It used to be the starter LMG of Phantom Forces until the Colt LMG took over that role.
    • It used to have access to Duplex ammo, but it was removed due to negative feedback.
    • It used to have higher fire rate but it was nerfed due to the complains of the M60 being too OP.

    My opinion on this gun

    Not really a fan of this.
    I do not have special feelings for this gun.

    I do know it is the most accurate belt fed LMG here.
    I rate this gun a 7.5/10.

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  • Darkman_Bree said in Darkman's gun review - M60:

    people saying it is ok.


  • @Pulse wait till you see mg42 light bolt

  • @T0x1cL with muzzle booster

  • I use it with DCL-120.

    yes im a bad person

  • PhantomSoldier the MG42 has a muzzle booster on by default

  • @T0x1cL But you can put on another one.

  • PhantomSoldier Heck, you shouldn't be able to put on muzzle attachments on a lot of the guns in the game because the barrel isn't threaded (or have incompatible threads)

  • @T0x1cL This is PF though

  • T0x1cL PF LOGIC

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