New Game Mode!

  • Conquest

    A new take on the classic Flare Domination.

    • Sometimes called "Attack and Defend", this game mode is a classic.

    How it works:

    • There are three points, marked A, B, and C.
    • There are two teams: Attackers, and Defenders.
    • Attacker's job is to take all points, before the time runs out. Defender's job is to keep all points.

    There are three phases:

    • Phase 1: Attackers charge Point A, and try to take it. If they succeed, Phase 2 commences. If the Attackers fail to take Point A, the Defenders attack the Attackers spawn. If that succeeds, the Defenders win.

    • Phase 2: Pushing forward to Point B, this is the hard one. Here, the Defenders have mounted MMGs. (M2s for Allies, MG42s for Axis.) To counter this, the Attackers have rocket launchers. (Bazookas for Allies, Panzerfausts for Axis.) If the Attackers win, they advance to Point C. If the defenders win, they push back to Allied Spawn. If that succeeds, Defenders win. If they lose, we move to Phase 3.

    • Phase Three: Pushing forward to Point C, Attackers have to hold a hill long enough to raise a flag. If that is done, the Attackers win. At this point, it transfers to a elimination type mode, with no respawns. If the Defenders manage to kill all Attackers, they win.

    Thoughts, all?

  • Its not bad! NGL

  • I was inspired by a similar mode from the ill-fated Star Wars Battlefront 2: 2019. A fun game mode ruined by shitty micro-transactions.

    sorry, I'm ranting

  • True but no upvote < . <

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