Is the MG42 overpowered?

  • No.

    This gun only has 50 rounds per magazine and a 6.1 second reload. It shares the same problem as the MG3KWS:

    This thing empties faster than it reloads.

    The light bolt makes this fire at 25 rounds per second. That means the mag is completely empty in two seconds flat. The reload is over three times that time span. Even with the standard bolt, it just empties too fast. A heavy bolt is required, but at that point, you may as well use something else. A giant, overly bulky gun with crazy drift and an insanely long reload. The Colt LMG will hit way more than this gun ever will, and has a reload that is comparably instant.

    Of course, you can tap fire and hopefully hit a group enough times in that two second span, but then what's the point? Just use a gun with less recoil and a still viable minimum time to kill.


    • Lots of spare rounds
    • Very adjustable
    • Good suppression


    • Drifts a lot while firing
    • Mag empties very quickly, unless using a heavy bolt
    • Slow reload
    • Very slow walk speed
    • Not selective fire

    You must be some sort of immortal if you can actually work around those cons..

    Is it that good just because it has over 30 rounds and fires quickly?

  • It may be faster, but it is harder to control.

    The only problem right now is the suppression.

  • and it's a lvl 142 gun, so not many ppl will use it

  • Alistair_nat except for wheraboos and high levels that just want some fun

  • Same problem as mg3. Boost ammo or it is useless, no one will use it like the mg3.

  • REDH3X The MG3 has a 50 round belt (and so does the MG42) and it takes 6.8 for a tac reload on the MG3 (over 8 secs empty). Granted the recoil doesn't go all over the place, but the suppression is almost one third (2.5 on MG42, .7 or .9 iirc on MG3).

    also 1500rpm go brrrrr

  • REDH3X Definitely not.

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