Test Place Gun Review: MG42

  • Highly inspired by Darkman's Gun Reviews: https://forum.stylis-studios.com/topic/1041/darkman-s-gun-reviews-hub


    The Maschinengewehr 42, or MG42, also known as Hitler's Buzzsaw, is a WWII-era German general-purpose machine gun. It is unlocked at rank 142, though it can be accessed at Test Place for free as of time of writing (2020-13-11T17:45+08:00).

    This gun shreds everything in its line of fire, dealing 36 -> 20 damage per torso and limb hit, with a blistering fast rate of fire at 1200 rounds per minute, making it the second fastest fully-automatic weapon in the game and the fastest fully-automatic machine gun. Its head multiplier of 1.4 means that at maximum damage, it will be able to kill with 2 shots to the head, each shot dealing 50.4 damage.

    With a suppression value of 2.5, it is easily the machine gun that suppresses the most, with distant seconds being the M60 and L86 LSW, with 1.8 suppression. It also has middling bullet velocity, at 2500s/s, same as the Colt LMG and MG3KWS. It also penetrates 3 studs of material, the highest in its class.

    It feeds from 50-round belts, giving it the second lowest ammunition capacity in class shortest belt out of the belt fed guns (thanks Darkman_Bree) tied with the MG3KWS. It also has the fastest reload for belt-fed machine guns, clocking in at 6.1 seconds for both a tactical and empty reload.
    Unlike the MG3's primarily vertical recoil, MG42's recoil goes all over the place, but can still easily be tamed with the right attachments.

    As it is a machine gun, the MG42 has the ability to alt aim using T.


    The MG42 has one unique attachment and an almost-unique attachment which it shares with the MG3KWS, being the Light Bolt and Heavy Bolt respectively.

    Light bolt bumps your rate of fire up to 1500RPM and slightly ups walkspeed and aimspeed, but the vertical recoil becomes more severe due to lower recovery speed. Still, in close quarters maps, this absolutely dominates because you barely need to hold down your left mouse button to get a kill. Taming its high vertical recoil (not as high as the M231 though) gives you a 1500RPM laser.

    Heavy bolt reduces your rate of fire to 900RPM as well as slightly reducing walkspeed and aimspeed, but the recoil is more easy to handle due to higher recovery speed. Using it with an attachment setup that reduces overall recoil (such as compensator + stubby) can reduce its recoil to MG3KWS levels.

    It also has some attachments that aren't available to all weapons, such as the Hera CQR grip.

    I personally recommend this loadout:
    Any optic (you'll be using T aim anyway, tinywasabi recommends MARS or AMT because laser make alt aim easier)
    Compensator (to reduce horizontal recoil)
    Stubby Grip (to smooth overall recoil)
    Light Bolt (T aim helps with taming its v-recoil, you can also go with Heavy Bolt)
    No special ammo attachment (HP drops min damage to 16.6, requiring 7stk; AP reduces suppression; Tracerless reduces recovery)


    It is the first weapon in the game to use 7.92x57mm Mauser ammunition.


    haha 1500rpm go brrrrrr

    I like the weapon a lot, but its suppression value of 2.5 makes it a terrible gun to be on the receiving end of. Pretty busted right now, could definitely use a suppression nerf.

    I rate this machine gun a 7.8/10, too much suppression.

    Update 1 - 14 Nov 2020

    Damage is now 40 -> 23 with a torso multiplier of 1.1, meaning that it deals more damage now. Its suppression has been reduced to 1.8, now on par with the M60 and L86 (all 3 tied for highest LMG suppression), and the heavy bolt no longer directly affects recoil). Penetration has been lowered to 2.5 studs, tied with the M60 and MG3 for highest penetration. Aim recoil increase (with it primary being horizontally) means that ADSing would make the recoil go even more over the place, so it would probably be primarily suited for CQC (because recoil doesn't matter as much).

  • Nice.

    @T0x1cL said in Test Place Gun Review: MG42:

    It feeds from 50-round belts, giving it the second lowest ammunition capacity in class, tied with the MG3KWS

    The RPK, RPK12 and RPK74 have 45 round magazines, the L86 LSW has 30 and the AUG HBAR has 42.

  • In the test place, I got more points suppressing that actually getting kills

  • Darkman_Bree I think he means out of belt-fed LMG's

  • tinywasabi But why is it the 2nd lowest ammo capacity then? Aren't 50 round belts the lowest?

  • Darkman_Bree good point lol

  • @T0x1cL also for optic, i'd recommend MARS or AMT, laser makes alt-aiming much easier

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