Darkman's gun review - COLT LMG

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    The Colt LMG is an American LMG using the AR-15 platform, it is the starter LMG of the game.
    It is a free unlock!

    It deals 35 -> 21 damage, being a deadly weapon able to 3 hit kill at close and 5 kill at long range.
    It also has a x1.1 torso multiplier to do some extra damage to you enemy.

    The Colt LMG is extremely packed, coming with a 60 round magazine, this is a large amount of firepower capable of killing many enemies before you have to reload, also useful in suppressing enemies like snipers making their job harder to kill you, snipers hate suppression!
    But a large magazine comes with a longer reload, it takes 2.9 seconds to reload, that is not too bad, but if the magazine is empty, it will take a longer 4.2 seconds, this is something you wanna prevent!

    The recoil of this weapon is moderate, It can be tough at first especially for new players but some training and a nice attachment loadout can make this one of the more accurate LMG's.
    The Colt LMG has some struggles maintaining control during hipfiring.

    Keep in mind this gun is stuck in Full Auto, you cannot switch firemodes!

    It has the same iron sights as the rest of the AR-15 series which are easy to use, but alternatively you can press T to alt aim, a feature that every LMG has!


    7.62x39 Conv.

    This gun much like other AR-15's has the ability to use 7.62x39mm as ammo.
    However, unlike the other AR-15's, this gun uses a 40 round drum instead of a 20 round magazine which still gives you more firepower.

    It does increase your damage and range, but it is not really worth it for this weapon.


    The Colt LMG has some unique attachments being the Short Barrel, Hera CQR Grip, Collapsible Stock, Retract Stock, Remove Stock and 7.62x39 Conv.

    • Since this gun is using 5.56x45mm NATO, it has access to the .223 Rem ammo type!
    • The Collapsible Stock does not effect stats in anyway and is purely cosmetic!
    • The Carry Handle Sight is free to use!

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • DDHB Reflex
    • Muzzle Brake
    • Stubby Grip
    • Tri Laser
    • Default

    If you wish to have lower recoil, use .223 Rem, but your long range damage will drop to 19.8, requiring you to hit 6 shots to kill now.


    • This LMG was added to replace the M60 as a starter LMG.

    My opinion on this gun

    It's a good gun for a starter LMG!

    It is already the most lightweight, it has a high capacity magazine and is controllable.
    This already is very good!

    I rate this gun a 9/10!

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  • First LMG review!!!

  • People And certainly not the last!
    Especially since there's one more LMG now!

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