Darkman's gun review - SA58 SPR

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    The SA58 SPR is an American semi automatic DMR version of the FAL and is the first FAL variant you will unlock in the game!
    It is unlocked at Rank 78!

    This DMR is quite special, it deals a powerful 48 damage up close with the x1.1 torso multiplier increasing it to a 2 shot torso kill but the long range damage is quite low for a DMR, only dealing 30 damage.

    However, this rifle has a x2.1 headshot multiplier, you can one hit enemies up close in the head up to 50 studs which is very good for a DMR with a high RPM and 20 round magazine, the headshot multiplier is enough to 2 hit headshot at long range too.
    It has the 3rd highest RPM of all the DMR's firing at 500 RPM, it is only beaten by the VSS Vintorez and SL-8!

    This is the last DMR to have a 20 round magazine, so enjoy it, don't waste all of your ammo because it is the longest reloading DMR in the game!

    Recoil wise, it has quite high recoil and shouldn't be spammed at long range, recoil reducing loadouts help agains't this recoil making it a much better DMR than stock.
    Hipfiring is not bad but not great either.

    The iron sights are alright, but not suited for long range, a scope is recommended!


    5.56 Conv.

    This conversion lets you use the 5.56x45mm NATO round, this will make your SA58 SPR a more spammable DMR while keeping the high damage.

    (+) Muzzle velocity slightly increased.
    (+) Recoil reduced!
    (+) Magazine capacity increased to 30!
    (+) Slight increase in max damage range.
    (+) Fire rate increased to 600 RPM!
    (-) Damage reduced to 40 -> 25
    (-) Suppression decreased.
    (-) Penetration depth halved.
    (-) Headshot multiplier reduced to x1.55


    .45 Conv.

    This conversion changes your ammo to .45 ACP, a semi automatic DMR PDW, that sounds crazy!
    It makes your SA58 SPR very spammable and deadly at close range!

    (+) Maximum damage increased to 50, you can now 2 hit enemies up until 30 studs!
    (+) Recoil reduced!
    (+) Magazine capacity increased to 50!
    (+) Increased ammo reserve to 150!
    (+) Fire rate increased to 700 RPM!
    (-) Muzzle velocity decreased!
    (-) Slight decrease in max damage range.
    (-) Minimum damage reduced to 20!
    (-) Dramatic decrease in penetration depth.
    (-) Headshot multiplier reduced to x1.4
    (-) Torso multiplier reduced to x1.0


    The SA58 SPR has only a few unique attachments being the Hera CQR Grip, 5.56 Conv. and .45 Conv.!
    Since this gun uses 7.62x51mm NATO, this gun has access to the Silent ammo!

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • TA01 ACOG
    • Muzzle Brake
    • Stubby Grip
    • Tri Laser
    • Default

    This loadout will still work perfectly on the 5.56 Conv, but if you are going to use the .45 Conv, use the Compensator instead.


    • Out of all the FAL variants in the FAL vote, this one had the most votes.
    • This is the only non-Belgian FAL in the game.
    • This is the only FAL without the ability to alt aim.

    My opinion on this gun

    It is an excellent DMR, a 20 round magazine and even the ability to one hit headshot up close with a nice high fire rate!
    The long range damage may be low but it is made up for the 2 hit headshot that keeps the rifle powerful.

    If you are really good at DMR usage, then this will be the best DMR, because it is, duh, It's a FAL!

    I rate this gun a perfect 10/10!

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  • ah someone who recognizes the true power of this DMR

  • Darkman_Bree said in Darkman's gun review - SA58 SPR:

    • This is the only non-Belgian FAL in the game.


  • PhantomSoldier Isn't the FAL 50.63 PARA also Belgian?

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