Darkman's gun review - BEOWULF TCR

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    The Beowulf TCR is a DMR using the powerful .50 Beowulf!
    It is unlocked at Rank 70!

    This DMR is very powerful, it deals 60 -> 40 damage including a x1.23 torso multiplier, that torso multiplier is unfortunately just not enough to 2 hit in the torso at long range, it will only deal 49.2 damage.
    It has a high headshot multiplier that allows one hit headshots at close range but at long range it requires 2 headshots, but it still does a huge amount of damage!

    The Beowulf TCR has another interesting ability, and that is the very high suppression and penetration, you can penetrate up to 3 studs thick walls, kill those enemies hiding behind walls!

    This gun also fires at 400 RPM, making shooting quite fast, it is somewhat the middle grounds of the DMR's, just be careful not to waste your 10 round magazine!

    Now here comes an unfortunate part of the gun: It has low muzzle velocity, only 1800 studs/s!
    Because of this, long range shooting will be harder.

    Recoil is very high on this weapon, but it does recover quite fast, use recoil reducing loadouts to increase your chance of killing, because you will likely lose your target after the first shot with that recoil.
    Hipfire is quite stable.

    The iron sights of this weapon are fairly open and easy to use!

    .458 Conv.

    Replace your .50 Beowulf with .458 SOCOM rounds!

    Effectively reduces your recoil, increases muzzle velocity and aim speed.
    But max range and damage are reduced, You will only deal 52.5 -> 32 damage now but the x1.23 torso multiplier will still 3 hit kill torso at far distance!
    You cannot one hit headshot at close range though anymore.

    5.56 Conv.

    Uses 5.56x45mm NATO, an ammo not intended for this gun so you will have choke.

    Using this will turn your DMR into a very spammable semi auto rifle at 800 RPM dealing 37 -> 23 damage, torso multiplier is reduced to x1.1 so you can still 4 hit kill in the torso if your choke allows it.
    Drastic loss in suppression and penetration but your muzzle velocity is better now!

    Large recoil decrease!


    The Beowulf TCR has some unique attachments being the: Hera CQR Grip, Retract Stock, Remove Stock, Full Stock, .458 Conv. and 5.56 Conv.
    The Carry Handle Sight optic is free on this weapon!

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • TA01 ACOG
    • Compensator
    • Stubby Grip
    • Full Stock
    • Default

    Use .458 Conv if you want lower recoil while keeping your very high Beowulf damage atleast on torso damage or use 5.56 Conv. if you want a strong assault rifle!


    • This gun used to be alot weaker until it was rebalanced to be very strong.
      • During that time, the firing sound was exactly the same as the AR-15 series and reloaded as fast as them.
    • This gun had a much higher fire rate, but this can be returned by equipping the 5.56 Conv.
    • This gun is actually a civilian rifle.

    My opinion on this gun

    It is powerful but I don't like using it.

    The muzzle velocity is a common problem for me with this gun.
    However, I do take advantage of the large penetration, that has always helped me when using this gun.

    I rate this gun a 7.5/10!

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  • Wiki says that this can be a very aggressive CQC rifle. It works. My setup keeps the standard diamondhead iron sights and removes the stock. Hipfire.

    Do not apologise for gutting it.

  • I don't get why 5.56 for .50 Beo has choke (other than game balancing), presumably the entire upper receiver is swapped out for a 5.56 one no? I doubt 5.56 NATO will even chamber in a .50 Beowulf upper

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