Melee Stats Format

  • Here's the format to make melee suggestion! Just copy+paste the format and replace the italized text with your stats.


    Preresquite: Rank Number or Case Unlock

    Info: Info about the melee (optional)

    Range: The distance the melee can attack

    Base Damage: Damage to the torso

    Back Stab Damage: Damage to the back, MUST BE GREATER THAN 100


    • Torso: Torso multiplier (number<2)x for example 1.1x
    • Head: Head multiplier (number<2)x

    Main Attack Time: LMB attack time

    Main Attack Delay: Time before you can attack again

    Secondary Attack Time: RMB attack time

    Secondary Attack Time: Time before you can attack again

    Walkspeed: How fast you walk or run when equipped

  • Rank: 100
    Info: Fast as Fuck boi
    Range: 0.1 stud
    Base Damage: 5
    Back Stab Damage: 150
    Multiper: 1.1x to torso
    1.5x to head
    Main attack time: 1s
    Delay: 0.3 sec
    Secondary: same
    Walkspeed 400(it increases jump height)

  • Changed "Rank" to "Prerequisite"

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