Haze 1v1: Feedback, Improvement, and a Tiny Dilemma

  • Hey, if you didn't know, I've been working on a PF map called "Haze" that is VIP exclusive and is meant for 1v1s. This problem with this is the fact that its not in main circulation, and cannot be tested by normal means. I would love to have some people play on it and see what people think of it. Right now, it has 1 notible issue that Ive found when testing it privately with some friends:
    3 of the spawns just dont work at all. 2 are outside the boundary walls and 1 is inside a desk that may be hinting that its my own. . . Those are fixed as of now and are waiting to be updated with the test place. I want to get some feedback otherwise, and sorta improve on my work here. My request here is simple: Have some 1v1s in the test place, on this map, and try different gamemodes with them. I honestly want as much feedback on this as possible, I need help since this one isn't just in the map pool. If you decide to do this, please report what you think and what could be improved on this thread, Thanks!

  • Raspy_Pi, you wanna look into this for a bit?

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