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  • 11/3 aka ELECTION DAY

    • Sniper buffs make sense. ESPECIALLY the R700, that gun is supposed to be a really mobile sniper.

    • Every ammo type and conversions (like the S-12 auto conv.) cost way too much, so glad to see that change.

    • The big melees deserved those changes.

  • I don't know why the fuck you feel the urge to improve the snipers' one-hit bullshit ranges, but ok

  • CamaroKidBB Jeez, you got balls. Like really big and hard balls.

  • Ikea Cat I'm honestly just sick and tired of the obvious pandering the sniper class is getting. No sane fucker on Earth outside of the clipping community wanted fire rate buffs for anything apart from maybe the R700. And a 150 stud 1-hit torso kill on a lightweight sniper rifle? Are you shitting me?! And one that just got a fire rate buff and made the non-detachable-extendos detachable too, WHICH BTW 8MM IS COMPATABLE WITH.

    If the shotguns got the same kind of love the snipers are getting right now, the clickbait youtubers would be all over that shit, asking for the changes to get reverted. But since it's happening to the sniper class, everyone looks away.

    BTW I got my first two 20+ killstreaks in a long ass time today with the SVU in 9.6x53mmL. The conversion doesn't need a buff, nor do the torso kill ranges on ANY of the sniper rifles. If my rusty ass can perform well with a sniper rifle, they sure as shit don't need buffs.

  • Positives:

    • Burst Grouping conversion, finally the MP5A4, MP5KA4 and MP5SD5 have returned from the CTE!
    • Dragunov SVU-A, Ah yes, you actually accepted it from my sugge... GODDAMNIT ITS REMOVED
      • Readd asap plz.
    • The bottle melee


    • The sniper buffs, really, it is getting too much, They are getting too powerful for close range, they are SNIPERS, It is hard to find a main game now without a tryhard just abusing their snipers for close range now instead of actually sniping.
    • SAIGA-12 Full Auto Conv's kill requirement reduction, I litteraly just unlocked it in the main game after a week of grinding for 4315 kills, This is the only reason why I put it in negatives, because this really triggered me.
      • However though, thx for making my grind for the SAIGA-12U Full Auto easier.

  • Darkman_Bree said in TEST PLACE FEEDBACK 11/3:

    • The bottle melee

    Press H, don't cancel. ;)

  • I feel that everyday, snipers need less and less skill...

    • the sniper buffs are quite interesting, although I'm skeptical some of the changes could be a bit too much, but will have to experiment with it more
    • SVDS Lancaster and WA .300 conversions definitely needed buffs, so those were good changes
    • trg min damage range buff was definitely needed... it felt like it was outclassed by a majority of the other snipers
    • S12 auto conversion cost reduction is appreciated... felt way too high before

    • The intervention bolts like crazy, what the hell? I think they bolt too fast right now, except the 700, might make it stand out if the other snipers didn't also get a buff. With this bolt speed buff the Intervention is pretty much good at any range except for in 1vN scenarios where there are N enemies and N>1.

    • The TRG almost has the 1tsk range of the Intervention, which is a pain in the ass to deal with since even at mid range it's one shotting you.

    • SVD to TG3 renaming with 9.6x53mm Lancaster ammo when?

    • SVU-A removed before I got to test it, very painandsorrow moment

    • Bottle melee pretty cool

    • (Old one) For some reason Saiga 9.6x53 has a 10 round magazine, I doubt there are even 10 round magazines for 9.6mm Lancaster

    • Big blades now look like they'd be actually heavy, pretty neat. I have neither, though.

  • So, if we have various ammo conversions for several weapons, how come we do not have like 5.56 conv. AP, or 5.56 conv. HP, etc?

    In addition, please revisit the AN-94, as it's burst delay is way too long for the weapon. Across various other games, it functions far faster and does not operate near as well as it could/realistically like it once did in its early years.

    At the same times, are we going to get the German Kar98? The American Springfield or Enfield?

    The K7 performs way TTK seems way too quick for the weapon, and is essentially a better Kriss Vector, AS VAL, amongst other weapons in the game.

    Also, you've been hinting at this for as long as this game has been alive. Actually give us a hint towards equipment?

  • Five Seven should see a buff, as it feels like this bullet caliber should be hitting much harder than it is.

  • Ironwolf_Legacy

    • the AN-94 has a burst delay to protect against macroing at 1800 rpm
    • the five seven is supposed to be stronger at range than ur average pistol while trading some of the close performance... a 4sk to the torso all ranges for a pistol-type weapon is pretty fair

  • K7 is fine as is, though I find it odd that I can use it despite not being rank 84+

    For context, my current rank is 62.

  • Antifuse_00
    Sure, I see why for the macro, but can't you do the same to the AK12BR, and various other weaponry? At the same time, the burst delay could at least be decreased to where it's at least able to fire faster between bursts, yet to the point where there's no macro possibility? Hopefully that made sense.

    And yes, the K7 is pretty well balanced, though it seems like we're facing another HK416. To me it just feels like a far better MP5SD, and hits far harder.

    But on another note, Mar, look into adding additional ammo conversions into the ones that we already have, like what was explained earlier in my comments. VPO seems to be a start of that were you got Slugs and Buckshot, though you have just the one for things like 5.56 and 7.62x39(?)mm.

  • The sniper buffs feel fine, but the TRG-42 oneshot range of 140 studs is kinda insane since it uses the same caliber of the AWM. I feel like the TRG-42 has been getting all the love and attention while the AWM lies dormant in the background. Maybe buff the damage or muzzle velocity of the AWM? The S-12 conversion kill requirement decrease is a welcome change. Will you allow the FAL 50.63 Para and the MC51SD collect from carbine and assault rifle category anytime soon? The main argument against this change is that "5.56x45mm is a smaller caliber than 7.62x51mm, so those guns can't be able to pick up that sort of ammo!" and with that I say, "How does the G36C pick up 9mm bullets when it shoots 5.56x45mm?" or similar to the Krinkrov as well. I feel like those carbines are underused because of the ammo scarcity, I rarely seen anyone use the MC51SD since it released into the main game. With your change to allow the AUG HBAR, Colt LMG, and MG36 to collect ammo from assault rifles and carbines, why not let the L86 LSW and SCAR HAMR to collect ammo from assault rifles and carbines as well? Also please buff the Desert Eagle XIX extended barrel handling and speed. How does a handgun beat a fully loaded assault rifle in weapon and aiming walkspeed and equip and aiming speed?
    TL;DR: Buff the AWM to match its competitor of the TRG-42, allow the FAL 50.63 PARA and MC51SD to collect ammo from their carbine "co-workers" and assault rifles, allow the L86 LSW and SCAR HAMR collect ammo from assault rifles and carbines, and buff the Deagle .50AE handling and speed. thanks

  • Desert Eagle .357?

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