Darkman's gun review - KAC SRR

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    The KAC SRR is the carbine variant of the Redhawk 44 and is fit with an intergrated suppressor!
    It is unlocked at Rank 125!

    This revolver carbine is unique, it has a suppressor, and it is the only revolver in the game that even can have a suppressor!
    Take this advantage, you are also using .30 KAC as ammo with a full 6 shot cylinder!

    This is the weakest revolver carbine of the 3, Only dealing 59 -> 42 damage, it has a torso multiplier of x1.25 allowing two shot torso kills at long range and can one hit headshot at any range.
    It fires at 400 RPM and has the same muzzle velocity as the Jury!
    This gun has quite a stable recoil, however hipfiring is not so much of a good idea with this weapon unfortunately.

    Compared to the other carbine revolvers:

    • (+) Best max range.
    • (+) Lowest recoil.
    • (+) Fastest headshotting speed.
    • (+) Fastest RPM.
    • (+) Most silent.
    • (-) Lowest ammo reserve.
    • (-) Worst suppression.

    Yes, this revolver carbine is excellent for killing fast, it has the best RPM and can still one hit headshot meaning you can get kills really fast, if you learn the low muzzle velocity though!

    The iron sights are alright, not too bad.


    The KAC SRR lacks in unique attachments, the only ones being the Romanian Grip and Speedloader.!

    • Cannot equip any barrel attachment!
    • The Malcolm 3X Scope is free to use on this weapon!

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • TA01 ACOG
    • Default
    • Angled Grip
    • Speedloader
    • Default

    If you do not have the TA01 ACOG, use the ACOG Scope + Canted Delta Sight combination instead.


    • When this gun was added, it was named "R Squared".
    • It was supposed to become Rank 124 but I told Hypo it already took the rank of another weapon so it became Rank 125, sorry boys!
    • Used to have the worst muzzle velocity in the game for a gun ment for long range usage but it got buffed.
    • It still has some of the old colors left in the iron sights that was left behind from the update that recolored all weapons!

    My opinion on this gun

    I have to say, this weapon is enjoyable.

    A quick one tap head wth high fire rate and it is even silent, keeping your enemy confused where the shot comes from, along with the low suppression which I think is a good thing, if a gun has low suppression, it is harder to notice you are being shot at.
    This makes up for a great carbine revolver, if only there was a Long Barrel attachment... (hint hint Mar)

    I rate this gun a 9/10!

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  • Unfortunately, it still left collecting dust by the community as they pick other fast-firing/slow-powerful guns instead 😔

  • Underrated if you learn the muzzle velocity.

    Just a better SL-9

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