Webley Mark 6.

  • I sure hope you weren't planning on making a World War 2 game without a Webley right? :)
    Heh, but anyway, I thought I'd bring over the statistics I made up for a suggestions post for the Webley revolver.

    Mark 6 Webley

    A British revolver that served Queen and country through Britain's finest and darkest hours.


    Rank Unlock: Unsure as of now.

    Fire Modes: Single Action & Double Action.

    Double Action Fire rate: 500
    Single Action Fire rate: 140

    Ammunition Capacity: 6/42

    Weapon Ballistics:

    .455 Damage: 60 – 35
    .45 ACP Damage: 58 – 33
    Hollow Point Damage: 64 – 30

    Minimum time to kill: 0.00 seconds.
    Head Multiplier: 2.50x
    Torso Multiplier: 1.40x
    Ranged Damage: 60 studs – 90 studs
    Muzzle Velocity: 1500 studs a second.
    Penetration Depth: 0.8 studs
    Suppression: 0.2


    Hip Accuracy: 24
    Minimum Camera Kick: (3.71, -0.61, -0.31)
    Maximum Camera Kick: (4.00, -0.11, -0.30)
    Minimum Recoil Displacement: (0.50, -0.61, 21.20)
    Maximum Recoil Displacement: (0.80, 1.11, 14.80)
    Minimum Recoil Rotation: (3.10, 1.00, 0.31)
    Maximum Recoil Rotation: (3.20, 1.20, 0.30)
    Hip-fire Recovery Speed: 5
    Hip-fire Spread Factor: 0.20
    Hip-fire Spread Damping: 0.70

    Sight Accuracy: 14

    Minimum Camera Kick: (3.30, -0.41, -0.31)
    Maximum Camera Kick: (3.79, 0.40, 0.30)
    Minimum Recoil Displacement: (2.20, 3.30, 7.10)
    Maximum Recoil Displacement: (2.39, 3.54, 7.70)
    Minimum Recoil Rotation: (3.30, -1.45, - 0.50)
    Maximum Recoil Rotation: (4.21, 1.42, - 0.52)
    Sight Magnification: 17

    Accuracy: 24

    Hip-fire Camera Recovery Speed: 15
    Sight Camera Recovery Speed: 16
    Weapon Recovery Speed: 17
    Weapon Recoil Damping: 0.75
    Hip Choke: 0
    Aim Choke: 0

    Weapon Handling:

    Empty Reload Time: 4 seconds
    Reload Time (For each round loaded singularly): 1.7 seconds
    Equip Speed: 15
    Aiming Speed: 20
    Crosshair Size: 30
    Crosshair Spread Rate: 500
    Crosshair Recovery Rate: 15


    Weapon Walk Speed: 14
    Aiming Walk Speed: 8.4
    Ammunition Type: .455 Webley. Can also take .45 ACP rounds. (For you yanks who just love ACP so much.)
    Round in Chamber: None.
    Shot Suppression Range: None.

    Meme Addition: -For you weebs- Adding an anime style sight to your Webley (animu, anti, furro ect.) turns the Webley into a ''Weebley.''
    (This is an idea from my suggestions for PF, so not sure if it would apply in COR.

    There we go, that's about it for the Webley's statistics.

    I also found this video by ''Military Arms Channel.'' If you want to see more of the Webley, I highly recommend this 25 minute video.

    Fun fact: Apparently if you open it up slow enough there is a selective eject for the empty cases! ;-;

    I might make a follow up on this if there are any improvements I can make, wouldn't want for you young fellars to forget about lil' ol' Webley, eh? :)

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