New popular guns + Daewoo's [Phantom Forces - Test place news #38]

  • Korean weapon in the test place.


    Description: (I'm not even kidding)

    Weapon skin zones: Available
    Weapon sounds: MC51SD

    Weapon screenshots:


    K7 stats:

    Rank: 84 Same rank as the TRG-42!
    Category: PDW
    Damage: 33 - 17
    Damage falloff range: 60 - 190 studs
    Headshot multiplier: (x1.40) 46.2-23.8
    Bodyshot multiplier: (x1.00) 33-17
    Fire rate: 1100 RPM
    Magazine size: 30
    Ammo reserve: 120
    Bullet type: 9x19mm
    Reload time: 2.0 seconds
    Empty reload time: 2.5 seconds
    Default fire mode: Auto
    Fire modes: Auto, Burst, Semi
    Muzzle velocity: 1,300 studs/s
    Penetration depth: 0.4 studs
    Suppression: 0.9
    Equip speed: 12
    Aiming speed: 15
    Weapon walkspeed: 14.0 studs/s
    Aiming walkspeed: 8.4 studs/s
    Round in chamber: One

    Special attachments:

    Attachments available to this gun that are not available for every gun!

    • Optics:
    • Barrels:
    • Underbarrels:
    • Others:
    • Ammo:
      • Plus P

    Extra notes about the K7:

    • Currently uses MP7 reload sounds.
    • Cannot use barrel attachments due to the big suppressor.
    • Half Ring Sight is a free attachment!
    • Currently reuses the 3D model of the Colt SMG 633

    Extra discovered things:

    Minor changes:

    • New grenade ticking sound for when you get close to grenades.

    Want to play around with the cool upcoming features?
    Click here to play the Test Place!

  • Some sort of suppressor sound of an existing weapon, Sounds like Colt SMG 633

    mc51sd sound

  • oil filetrrrr

  • Lawrence Hyper Could be, but it sounds higher pitched.

    EDIT: Okay I have my headphones on, yeah it sounds like the MC51SD

  • Looks good. Similar statistically to the Colt SMG. I suppose it acts as a permanently suppressed variant when we’re talking in-game meta.

  • Ahh yes, the unreleased T-Doll SMG.

  • @Ikea-Cat Sup Ikea bruv

  • RobloxScreenShot20201030_234544975.png
    Here some crappy skin I did on the K7, I rate it a 0 outta 10 lol

  • now THIS is a low rank vector

    not whatever mp7 setups you have

  • Darkman_Bree I wonder.

    Will we get more Daewoo weapons down the line?

    And will we get some (very likely post-WW2) Japanese weapons too?

  • CamaroKidBB PM-9, T64 and 89 when?

  • CamaroKidBB Who knows.

  • Just saw the Oscar video. Poggers. Also what rank will it be?

  • moist nugget boi So far, it's rank 0 so it's a starter weapon.

  • Banned

    MSBS-B when

  • Breaking News:

    Bolt action fire rate buffs (save for R700) are all fucking retarded and should be reverted.

    Same for the boost to the TRG's max damage range.

  • Banned

    CamaroKidBB Why not the TRG as well

    That thing's bolt pull is slow as balls

  • CamaroKidBB I see someone's angry that snipers got buffed into relevancy.

  • KommandoKazumi Literally the only one that got buffed in the RPM department that deserved it was the R700. Maybe AWM too since it seemed overshadowed by the TRG in basically every way. Scout was already fast af boi, and as for the Mosin, I could barely manage a 55 RPM firecap in reality with a Mosin Nagant, firing as fast as possible with one, let alone a 70 RPM firecap. And no, I haven't forgotten the irony in the Mosin firing faster than the Dragunov SVDS. Obrez has as well for the longest time, but that can be forgiven due to the Obrez for the most part being absolute dogshit at range.

    As for the TRG, the 1sk anywhere range was retarded to begin with. That range did not need a buff whatsoever. Literally the only reason it even exists is so that clippers can outperform purpose-built CQB firearms... in CQB.

    Sniper rifles have also never been irrelevant to begin with. Sniper rifles are unrivaled when it comes to long range dominance, and making sure they dominate in CQB too is just flat out retarded. Sure, low recoil MGs exist, but even they have their limits when it comes to effective range, and they sure as shit cannot one-shot anyone at range while snipers can (or two... or three for most... so on).

    I'm aware that shotguns exist as well, but shotguns exclusively dominate in CQB, that's it. With buckshot, they have never been effective past about 150 studs maximum, and that's me being generous. The spread is either too wide, the shotgun fires too slowly, or sometimes both. While slugs exist too, they're only a 1sk to the head at min range, and that's assuming we're talking about the 870, Stevens, KS-23M, and SPAS. 870 and KS-23M are decently accurate with slugs, but good luck with the per-shell reloads. Stevens fires much faster and reloads all at once, but you only have 2 shells to contend with. That leaves us with the SPAS, which has more spread than the aforementioned shotguns, unless you also equip the pump action attachment. And yes, slugs all still have spread when equipped on shotguns, so it's not like even with baltrak you'll be able to crossmap someone who's using an actual sniper rifle.

  • @G36 ...and overshadow the AWM again while also being retardedly strong at every range? Yeah, pass.

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