Hit reg or maybe another bug

  • This doesn't always happen but after the recent updates when I join a new server my bullet won't hit the player as in I'm shooting the enemy at point-blank range and the enemy isn't moving and the bullets won't be doing anything it's not even hitting the player as if the bullet is hitting there will be hit marks but for this issue there're is no hit marks or anything. Idk if this is just me but it's not my wifi since I have under 100 ping on roblox and with the recent update on pf the ping on stats for pressing tab shows I have 40 ping.

  • Try the Test Place, Raspy is updating the hitreg again.

    He told me point blank hits are fixed.

  • Be sure to load the game completely or else gonna be straight up bug

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    I showed this to Raspy, he figured out the problem as a "Perfect Frame" bug which occurs when you join a game and someone spawns in at the same time.

    Not sure about anything after that though, but I tested it in the test place and it should be fixed, I've yet to test it in a full server where the bug may be more occurring. I will continue to ask Raspy about testing it with a full server to determine whether the bug is fixed or not.

  • Bug is not fixed main game as of 9pm UTC 22/02/20. I will check again later today

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    Chris its not fixed in main game, it is fixed in the Test Place, it just hasn't been pushed to main game YET.

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