Darkman's gun review - GROZA-4

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    The GROZA-4 is a carbine with an intergrated suppressor and uses 9x39mm SP subsonic rounds, other than that it is similar to the GROZA-1!
    This weapon is unlocked at Rank 79!

    The GROZA-4 deals a deadly 36-20 damage, stronger than the GROZA-1, but fires slower, only firing at 700 RPM and only has a 20 round magazine.
    This weapon has medium recoil, but still quite low, even without attachments, it should be easy to kill enemies at close range and even medium range.
    For a Carbine, this weapon is fairly inaccurate in hipfire compared to other carbines.

    The GROZA-4 has the same iron sights as the GROZA-1, they are mostly in your way, hard to see through.

    Extended Magazine

    This gun has access to the Extended Magazine attachment.

    (+) Increases magazine capacity to 30!
    (-) Decreases ammo reserve to 90!
    (-) Decreases reload speed and aim speed!

    It is an useful attachment, but if you don't like the slowed down reload, then just stick with normal attachments.


    The GROZA-4 lacks in unique attachments, only having the Hera CQR Grip and Extended Magazine!

    • Cannot use barrel attachments.
    • The Extended Magazine does not change the model of your gun.
    • Grips are mounted under the big suppressor.
    • Optics are placed above the carrying handle.

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • OKP-7
    • None
    • Stubby Grip
    • Extended Magazine
    • Default

    If you don't like the Extended Magazine's reload speed decrease, then use Tri Laser instead!


    • This weapon used to be inferior to the SR-3M, only 6 hitting at long range and had no access to Extended Magazines while the SR-3M did more damage and fired faster and had access to the Extended Magazine already.
    • If the OTs-14 was added, this weapon would've never existed, maybe as a conversion or attachment later on.

    My own opinion on this gun

    I like this, no special feelings, I just like this.

    I cannot say much about this gun, but it is a really accurate carbine and I love the firing sounds of it.
    I do prefer the GROZA-1 though.

    I rate this 8/10!

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    @ILost3Accounts Oooooh, L4D2 Groza.

  • Darkman_Bree Yep, made by G41, same dude who also made the FAL for L4D2

  • @ILost3Accounts When are we getting an ACTUAL G41 for PF

  • @G36 Soon™ my friend.

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