Guns I’d like in new CoR

  • As this is a remake of CoR 5, I’m assuming all the guns in CoR 5 beforehand will make a return, so I won’t mention them.



    • Johnson Rifle (10 round .30-06 semi-auto rifle fed through 2 stripper clips.)
    • RSC 1918 (Powerful, but low capacity semi-auto rifle from the dawning days of the Great War.)
    • Breda M1935 (4-round burst battle rifle at 600 RPM. Should at least be a consistent 4-hit kill.)
    • M2 Carbine (full auto variant of the M1 Carbine. Functions as a hybrid between the SMGs and rifles.)
    • Fedorov Avtomat (Powerful, low recoil, slow firing full auto battle rifle fed through 5-round stripper clips.)
    • SKS (Late war Soviet rifle with great mobility, at the cost of low capacity, moderate damage, and fixed magazines.)


    • M1928 Thompson (variant of the M1A1 already in game; trades mobility for more versatility in attachments.)
    • MP18 (by that I mean a genuine MP18. The old CoR has an MP28 labeled as an MP18. Slow firing SMG with moderate damage, but extremely low recoil.)
    • Erma EMP (Decent all around stats with low recoil thanks to its foregrip, at the cost of equipping 20 round mags.


    • Chauchat (powerful 2sk LMG with an incredibly slow fire rate.)
    • Maxim Gun (A powerful HMG with a 200 round box belt and nothing else. BATTLE PICKUP ONLY)
    • RPD (late war LMG with moderate damage and fire rate, but boasts a huge capacity of 100 rounds per drum.)

    Manual Action Rifles

    • Russian 1895 (Fast firing option for a sniper rifle; otherwise bog standard in all but bullet drop.)
    • Lebel 1886 (Old war horse that holds 8+2; cannot load via stripper clips.)
    • Enfield M1917 (Faster fire rate for a bolt action, however recoil may get in the way.)


    • Browning Auto-5 (Semi-automatic shotgun in mass production since pre-WW1. Excellent damage for a semi-auto shotgun, at the cost of more recoil.)
    • Sjorgen Inertial (Slower firing and maybe less powerful than the Auto-5, but has tighter spread and is more controllable.)

    Anti-Tank Rifles

    • Boys ATR (.55 caliber bolt-action rifle fed via detachable box mags. Slightly more mobility than the PTRS.)
    • Elephant Gun (Somewhat lightweight for something good at being an anti-vehicle weapon. Fires fastest in class, however recoil is highest in class. Burst mode will send you flying rear first.)
    • wz. 35 (Low damage for an anti-tank rifle, somewhat compensated by having the best ballistics of all rifles.)


    • M712 (Fast firing machine pistol patterned after the C96. Fed through 10 round detachable mags, though can be extended to 20 or 40, with a fast fire rate and near uncontrollable recoil.)

    I may add more in the near future. Apologies for not having stats, as I have no idea as to which direction CoR’s balancing should go.

  • CamaroKidBB You're missing the Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.1 for Manual Action Rifles.

  • @Ikea-Cat Nein, they're just there to be too OP and be overkill.

  • @Ikea-Cat Anti-Tank weapons.

  • @Ikea-Cat My guess? D-Day, Stalingrad, to name a few.

  • @Ikea-Cat Hmm, alright then,

    1. Arnhem, Holland (Operation Market Garden, "The bridge too far")
    2. Battle of the Bulge (Battle of the Ardennes)
    3. Battle of Anzio
    4. Battle of Monte Cassino
    5. Battle of Berlin
    6. Battle of Moscow
    7. Battle of Stalingrad
    8. Siege of Leningrad

    To name a few.

  • @TheDoc47 It was already in the original CoR 5, so there’d be no reason to re-include it here.

  • @Ikea-Cat Probably some new maps as well as some remastered versions of old CoR 5 maps.

  • P1914 Enfield: Heavier, more accurate rifle than the SMLE, at the cost of having 5 round capacity. Conversion to .30-06 Sprg gives it 6 rounds.

    MP 507: Last-ditch semi-automatic rifle using a slide. Optional semi grip stock makes it an MP 508.

    M30 Drilling: Two shotgun barrels and one rifle barrel means you can do well at all ranges... until you need to reload, which is quite often.

    T1E3 Pedersen: Semi-automatic rifle fed by 10-round en-bloc clips. Lower recoil for slightly lower muzzle velocity and lower penetration capabilities.

    M1903 Springfield Pedersen Device: Converts your M1903 into a semi-automatic pistol caliber rifle in .30-18 Auto (7.65 French Long). Damage, muzzle velocity and range are reduced to be slightly higher than a pistol's, but you get a 40 round magazine and a decently high rate of fire. Very rare and expensive.

  • Ngl, I would love an M2 carbine in both CoR and PF

  • @Ikea-Cat When did anybody say there were going to be anti tank.. WE'RE GETTING TANKS?

  • DeLisle Carbine: A 45. ACP bolt-action suppressed carbine. Probably one of the quietest weapons ever. Feeds from a modified M1911 A1 magazine.

    Lee-Enfield MK3 SMLE: The standard service rifle of the British army during WWI and parts of WWII. Feeds from a 10 round detachable box magazine. Chambered in .303 British.

    STEN SMG: A stamped British open bolt SMG chambered in 9x19mm Luger. Feeds from 30 round mags.

    M1897 Trench Gun: The ubiquitous weapon of the Marines. Technically a war crime. Feeds from an 8 round tube, chambered in 12 Gauge. Can (and should) be slam fired.

    Rheinmetal MG42: A fully automatic weapon with an extremely high fire rate. Chambered in 7.62x57.

  • AkelaStorm
    Me talking about the Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.1: Gets rejected.
    You talks about the Mk.3 SMLE: Gets praise.

    What's the hell?

  • What is hell, after all?

  • Well yes but actually yes.

  • AkelaStorm doesn't the Trench Gun feed from a 5 round tube? and the STEN, a 32 round magazine.

  • Sorry, I got it wrong when it comes to the trench gun, and I couldnt find anything on the STEN's capacity, so I went off of what I remembered.

  • AkelaStorm STEN takes MP40 mags as well as its own proprietary magazines of the same capacity.

  • CamaroKidBB

    SS41 PzB Anti-tank rifle?

  • Banned

    wKP and PPK cuz why not

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