Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.1

  • c8774b77-63ec-4b17-9d2d-a07f206315e8-image.png Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.1, Caliber .303 British

    This is a repost from my old post from my old account (somehow lost)

    Weapon description: pending

    Weapon: Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.1
    Weapon Type : Primary
    Weapon Class : Sniper Rifle
    Rank Prerequisites : (?)
    Damage : 75 - 50
    Range: 50 - 250 Studs
    Head Multiplier: 2x
    Torso Multiplier: 1.3x
    ACCURACY: 29
    Magazine Size : 10
    Ammo Reserve : 100
    Fire Modes : Semi
    Rate of Fire : 100 RPM
    Reload Time : 2.9 Seconds
    Empty Reload Time : 3.2 Seconds
    Equip Speed : 10
    Aiming Speed :12
    Weapon Walk Speed : 12 stud/s
    Aiming Walk Speed : 6.5 stud/s
    Ammo Type : .303 British
    Round in Chamber : None

    Special attachments:

    Galilean sights (200 kill unlock, 3x scope with high FOV)

    Detachable magazine (speed up reload at the cost of less reserve ammo || +Speed -30rds, 1300 kills)

    PM Lee scope (free, just a generic scope made for the Lee Enfield)

    20 round magazine (2200 kills)

    Raised Mk.1 aperture sights (Free, basically as if it were the Lyman Sight from the Thompson, weapon exclusive)

    .410 Bore conv. (Makes your Lee Enfield a shotgun)

    De Lisle Carbine conversion is worth thinking about, but it may work better as a separate gun.

    Credit: doublepiedavid for helping out with stats and weapon exclusive attachments

  • "British standard issue bolt-action rifle in .303 calibre. 10 rounds of ammunition and a smooth action provide increased firepower compared to other rifles of its time."

    Also, the shotgun conversions are probably either single-shot or using adapted Stevens and Savage 3-round magazines (Wikipedia).

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