Darkman's gun review - HONEY BADGER

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    The Honey Badger is a Carbine technically classified as a PDW in real life unlocked at Rank 62!
    It uses .300 Blackout and is one of the weapons in the game with an intergrated suppressor.
    However, it has the ability to take it off and use normal attachments instead, a feature that only the Honey Badger and MC51SD can do, if you feel stupid enough, you can put on another suppressor.

    The Honey Badger deals good damage but just not enough to 3 hit, it will 4 hit kill up close and 5 hit at far range firing at 800 RPM.
    This weapon is often compared with the AS VAL due to similarity and is often called a direct downgrade, So lets compare that!

    Stats comparison between HONEY BADGER and AS VAL:

    (+) = A stat superior over the AS VAL.
    (-) = A stat inferior to the AS VAL.

    • (+) Deals 2 extra damage at long range, not enough to decrease shots to kill.
    • (+) Better magazine capacity, the AS VAL only has 20 but this can be negated with the Extended Magazine, if you use the AS VAL with an Extended Magazine however you will have less ammo reserve than the Honey Badger!
    • (+) Better damage range.
    • (+) Better muzzle velocity.
    • (+) Able to take off the suppressor and use other barrel attachments, but you will lose out on your silence.
    • (+) Better penetration depth.
    • (+) Better suppression
    • (+) Significant better reload speed.
    • (-) Higher unlock rank, unlocks at Rank 62 while the AS VAL unlocks at Rank 15!
    • (-) Deals 1 less damage at close range, The AS VAL is capable of 3 hit killing enemies up close which the Honey Badger cannot do.
    • (-) Worse recoil control, the AS VAL has lower and more controllable recoil.
    • (-) Less fire rate, the AS VAL has 100 more RPM than the Honey Badger!
    • (-) Way less accurate with hipfire than the AS VAL!

    As you see, the Honey Badger has more pro's than the AS VAL, but it is obvious that the AS VAL is WAY more powerful, it outweighs the many Honey Badger's pro's by alot and I would choose the AS VAL over it.

    The Honey Badger is also known as the "Youtuber Wanna-be Gun" or the "Old Youtuber Meta Gun" which made this gun incredibly hated.
    The youtuber meta has died down on this weapon but the gun itself remains hated by the community and somehow is still a popular choice by the community, but remember: You are not allowed to votekick a player over using a weapon you don't like, you will get punished by the Stylis Mods.

    Use this rifle at close range and stealthy plays, unfortunately stealthy plays won't be the best because this is one of the loudest suppressed weapons, the sound is really notorious and obvious.

    The iron sights are good, you should have no problem using them!


    The Honey Badger has some unique attachments being the: Remove Suppressor, Long Barrel, Hera CQR Grip, Retract Stock, Remove Stock and Full Stock!

    • Like most AR-15 platform weapons, this weapon has access to the Carry Handle Sight for free!
    • The Remove Suppressor attachment is free, but it does not change stats, it only makes your gun louder again.
    • All barrel attachments except the Long Barrel will remove your Honey Badger's suppressor, even the suppressors, but why would you remove a suppressor only to put on another?
    • The Long Barrel keeps your suppressor while also extending it!

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • DDHB Reflex
    • Muzzle Brake
    • Stubby Grip
    • Full Stock
    • Default

    Yes, the Honey Badger has a suppressor on default with absolutely no penalties, why am I using the Muzzle Brake over it? Less recoil, There are other better weapons out there with intergrated suppressors.


    • Used to be very popular by youtubers and their fans, which is why it gained its hate.
    • This gun was added as a Carbine, but when PF went out of Beta in 1.0 it got moved to Assault Rifles, a few years later it returned to Carbines.

    My opinion on this gun

    Yeah I don't like using this.

    It's not really that good and it is also hated, sure I can go get some kills but I feel bad using this, and I'm just watching the chat and the left of my screen constantly waiting to see hate or a votekick abuse.

    It really is the Honey "BAD"ger!

    I rate this weapon 6.5/10!

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  • Gotta ask myself why I have around 1072 kills on this?

  • SomeoneElse How dare you.

  • people said that this gun has low recoil
    I got bamboozled and I never trust people since then

  • Darkman_Bree Yeah, I feel damn ashamed from using that shit.

  • RageSamuraiX Yeah, it's quite some recoil.

  • Added extra sentence to my opinion, I can't believe I forgot to include that.

  • I still prefer this over the AS-VAL.. Call it a force of habit, idk.

  • "its so stable"

  • @Ikea-Cat I rather call the UMP45 "Washboard" lol

  • all integral suppressed weapons ranking

    honey badger < kac srr < mc51sd < aws < groza 4 < vss vin < as val < mp5sd

    tell me if I missed anything

  • @Ikea-Cat F for steamed boi

  • M200 GROZA-4 is missing.

  • Darkman_Bree Fixed

  • @Ikea-Cat F in the chat

  • Quite possibly the most overrated weapon in the entirety of Phantom Forces.

    Its not bad, its an acceptable carbine. But it doesn’t deserve a fifth of the hype and ire it recieves.

  • Imo stylis should buff the Honey Badger sort of like this:

    Max damage: 34 (+1)

    Recoil: mildly decreased overall, but won't be a laser.

    Fire rate: 850 (+50)

    And please replace the integral suppressor sound with something that sounds more interesting while being quieter.

  • Corgerus Would be cool if there's a short barrel attachment for the Honey Badger's integral suppressor.

  • I only use this gun for chat reactions

  • ...this gun is also a PDW

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