Darkman's gun review - AK12C

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    The AK12C is the second AK12 carbine to exist in the game.
    This weapon is unlocked at Rank 51!

    But this is not just a copy of the AK12 or AKU12, this carbine is fit with a 30 round 7.62x39mm magazine, technically this gun is the AK15K in real life!

    The AK12C is a higher powered carbine, it deals 35 -> 21 damage, most carbines are 3 hit up close and 6 hit at far range or 4 hit up close and 5 hit at far range, but this one is better than that.
    But more power comes with more recoil, this thing has a lot of recoil, it will be hard to use this weapon at the start when you use it stock, it is advised to get a Compensator as soon as possible!

    It still fires in 700 RPM, but it lacks the Burst fire mode that the entire AK12 series has.

    The iron sights are the same as the other AK12 series, they are good and usable.


    9x39 Conv.

    Uses 9x19mm SP, the same ammo used by the AS VAL and VSS Vintorez!

    (+) Increases damage to 36 -> 23
    (+) Increased minimum range.
    (-) Decreased maximum range.
    (-) Increased recoil.
    (-) Decreased magazine capacity to 20.

    This gun basically becomes extra powered for less bullets and more recoil, I can't really say it is worth it though.
    But since the bullet is subsonic, it can work well with suppressors.


    The AK12C has some unique attachments, being the Short Barrel, Long Barrel, Hera CQR Grip, Retract Stock and 9x19 Conv.

    • Equipping the Long Barrel effectively turns your AK12C into the old CTE scrapped AK15, but it does not rename the weapon though.

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • OKP-7
    • Compensator
    • Stubby Grip
    • Tri Laser
    • Default

    Recoil is very extreme on this weapon, This should help reduce it!


    • None that I can think of.

    My own opinion on this gun

    At first this weapon is bad because of the recoil, but once you get the right attachments it will be much better to use.
    This is a carbine that is good at close and medium range!

    Really, once you get the hang of it, this is one of the better carbines!

    I rate this gun 8.5/10!

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  • just use the mp5/10

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