Darkman's gun review - AKU12

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    The AKU12 is the Carbine version of the AK-12, Featuring a shortened barrel and foldable stock!
    While this gun does not really exist in real life, it is very similar to the AK12K which does exist.
    This weapon is unlocked at Rank 35!

    The AKU12 went through a big history of balance changes, It used to be a very weak gun with the normal RPM of the AK-12 but was one of the most accurate guns in the game, very low recoil, But since that didn't work out well, it went through several buffs from RPM increase, Damage increase and even a recoil decrease!

    While it used to do only 25 -> 19 damage, it now does a more powerful 35 -> 19 damage and now fires at 800 RPM with low recoil and quick reload speed!
    This weapon has nearly no horizontal recoil, most of the recoil is vertical, using a Muzzle Brake can lead to one of the most accurate full auto weapons in the game!

    The AKU12 can fire in auto, 3 burst or semi, but unlike the other AK-12's, the 3-burst does not have an increased RPM.

    Like most Carbines, the AKU12 has a good hipfire stability, use this to your advantage when enemies come too close where aiming is a waste of time!

    The iron sights of this weapon are the same of the entire AK-12 series, they are clean and usable.


    9mm Conv.

    Adds a 9mm adapter to your AKU12, it will now accept 30rd MP5 magazines using 9mm!
    Effectively turns your gun into the good old scrapped PPK12, it even renames it!

    The PPK12 itself has a large history in Phantom Forces, it was added to the test place as an "Other Secondary" along with the SAIGA-12U, The unlock rank was Rank 155!
    Back then it was a normal AK12 with a normal 5.45x39mm magazine but without a stock and a very shortened barrel acting like a pocket carbine, It even fired in full auto!
    It was later removed and returned but it became a semi automatic only pocket carbine, this got reverted but the PPK12 dissapeared once again.

    Later, the PPK12 returned as a Carbine but was quickly removed but came back with a fresh new model using 9mm MP5 magazines, the AKU stock and a short barrel, Not only that but it now fired in 3 round bursts and was found in PDW's, the unlock rank was now Rank 119!

    It came back and got removed a few times but now it came back officially as a conversion for the AKU12!

    • (+) Increases RPM to 1000!
    • (+) Increases max damage to 36!
    • (+) Slight increase in max range!
    • (+) Huge increase in min range!
    • (+) Decreases reload duration!
    • (+) Increases walk speed!
    • (+) Extreme reduction in recoil!
    • (-) Decreases min damage to 17!
    • (-) Halved penetration depth!
    • (-) Decreases muzzle velocity!
    • (-) Removed Full Auto firemode, Fires on Burst on default!
    • (-) Added firing delay!

    The PPK12 has nearly no recoil at all, it's impressive!
    Kills very smoothly at close range, just one tap of the mouse fires a powerful 3 round burst that destroys enemies in one click!
    Semi auto firemode is still available if you need it!


    The AKU12 has some unique attachments, being the Long Barrel, Hera CQR Grip, Retract Stock, Full Stock and 9mm Conv.
    Since this gun fires 5.45x39mm, this gun has access to the Super Armor P. ammo type.

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • OKP-7
    • Muzzle Brake
    • Stubby Grip
    • Full Stock
    • Default

    Replace the Stubby Grip with an Angled Grip if you are going to use the 9mm Conv.!


    • Using the Long Barrel and Full Stock you can actually turn it into an accurate AK12K!

    My own opinion on this gun

    Even when it used to be a very weak weapon at first, I have always enjoyed this gun and I always did well because of the low recoil!
    Even now that it is much stronger than it used to be, I enjoy this gun more, and now with the PPK12 conversion I REALLY enjoy this gun now, I am very glad I grinded this gun to 2015 kills just to enjoy the PPK12's return!

    Both the normal AKU12 playstyle and PPK12 playstyle are really enjoyable by me and I suggest all of you to try this even if you hate AK12 variants!

    I rate this gun 10/10!

    This is the first 10/10 I have given to a weapon that is not the FAL.

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  • I have 500+ kills on this bad boy, and bruh its damn good

  • 2 in a day wow

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