Minor suggestion list by Darkman #5

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    Darkman_Bree The Tar-21 issue turns out to be pretty complex. Considering how attachments are processed on the server in comparison with the client. I could try to fix it but it probably won't be soon.

  • Raspy_Pi Alright.

  • I’ll suggest a WWI firearm: the Mauser Gewehr 98 (not the Karabiner 98 Kurz), or it’s modern equivalent: the Mauser M98.
    p.s. both should be chambered in 7.92x57mm (8x57mm IS as designated by the C.I.P.)
    Also, the Gewehr 98’s barrel is 740 mm long, while the M98 has a 600 mm long barrel

  • So with the TAR, the gun uses a feature called "Display Name". Display name does that for some reason.

  • PhantomSoldier Has been fixed a while ago with the exception of:


  • Henry 45-70 gets access to the malcom 3x scope right off the bat and later the malcom 6x scope. Darkman_Bree

  • KommandoKazumi This is an old thread, it was revived for some reason.
    It was made in February.

  • Darkman_Bree said in Minor suggestion list by Darkman #5:

    • /changestats <weapon>:<module>:<integer>
      • Allows you to change the stats of a weapon, Resets when the VIP server closes.
      • Example: /changestats FAL 50.00:MIN_DAMAGE:100 would change the FAL 50.00's min damage to 100.
    • /resetstats <weapon>
      • Resets the stats to default on a specific weapon.

    Y E S

    • /admin <player>
      • Allows a player to use most server commands like the VIP server owner can.
    • /unadmin <player>
      • Demotes that player that decides to abuse your VIP server commands, Eugh...

    Well I wouldn't really use it but ok

    • /randomloadout
      • Gives you a random primary, secondary and melee with random attachments.


    • /sethealth <number>
      • Changes the max health of everyone in the server.

    Pretty good, but be able to do it for one person for juggernaut-type modes?

    • /freezetime
      • Freezes the round timer.

    Once again I wouldn't really use it

    When someone starts a votekick, A text opens where the player has to write the reason of the votekick.

    • Would make votekicks less random.
    • There should also be a message saying that if votekicks are abused, the user would get chatbanned.
    • Everyone can read the reason.


    When playing Gun Game, The Golden ZIP is required to win a game.

    • Melee shouldn't be used to win the game on the last weapon.
      • Abused alot by people who are too lazy to use the Golden ZIP.


    CTAR Barrel should rename all TAR-21 names to CTAR-21!

    • There are several "TAR-21" names left untouched while it should be CTAR-21.
      • Examples are the Death UI, It still says you are killed by a TAR-21.
      • Killfeed
      • Weapon Loadout UI.

    Yeah they know also not killfeed anymore

    When the Glock Stock is equipped on the Glock 17 or 18, The weapon name shouldn't be renamed to "G Stock"

    • Why is that happening?

    Fixed lol

    Update the colors and some of the models of the 3rd person weapons.

    • Most of the 3rd person models still use the blue-black old color.
    • Remington 700 is still green.
    • SL-8 is simply a G36 model made white.
    • HK416 is simply a M4A1.
    • The Glocks have stocks equipped even when they don't have it.
    • VSS Vintorez has a scope equipped even when it isn't equipped.


    Update the weapon background UI.

    • All weapons are still using the old colors.
    • The new weapons are missing while there is clearly space left for them.


    Add an exclusive scope attachment to the MSG90 and Henry 45-70.

    • So many weapons are getting exclusive scope attachments, but the MSG90 not?
      • The Hensoldt ZF 6x42 would be perfect, It's the scope that the PSG-1 uses.
    • The MSG90 is more of a semi auto sniper, why shouldn't it have a scope?
    • Same thing to Henry 45-70, It could use the Leopuld scope that the Steyr Scout has.

    We already do for the henry, and I kind of disagree for the MSG

    The Frying Pan should make the TF2 pan hit sound.

    • PWOONNGG!!!


  • PhantomSoldier Why is everyone acting like this is a new thread? I made this in February.

  • I wasn't here in February.

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