10/18/20 Update Opinion Thread

  • I love it tbh.

    ===============My ratings=================

    New (likely temporary) maps: 8/10. Please keep the revamped ravod but reduce the confusing physical barriers in mid.

    New weapons: 9/10. Buff the Type 88 pls.

    New conversions: 9/10. Scar L is more fun now with 9mm!

    Overall: 8.5/10. Your opinion may be different.

    Aight post your opinions in the replies. You can use something like my format.

  • New Maps: one word, lag (at least shotguns aren't ineffective on Halloween Ravod/Blizzard)
    New Weapons: Idk honestly just tried out Krinkov but getting killed by pros
    New Conversions: read above
    Overall: I just played and I immediately don't like how many details my computer has to load, but luckily SPAS12 is still effective even when having 15 FPS so A+ for effort I guess.

  • Try disabling bullet holes, global shadows, and shaders. i found them to reduce lag considerably even though my gaming pc is beefy for roblox,

  • and those settings dont make the game look bad when disabled

  • Corgerus I have no roblox textures on, bullet holes, shadow, shaders, particles off and it barely helps
    andddddddddd that's all i can do to make it less lag
    it still works at least, but not much

  • Banned

    maps: 1/10 would be better if the smog was removed
    other shit: 9/10 cool stuff stylis

  • entire update is 100/100 for me, cuz it fixed all my gripes with the maps

  • Corgerus said in 10/18/20 Update Opinion Thread:

    Try disabling bullet holes, global shadows, and shaders. i found them to reduce lag considerably even though my gaming pc is beefy for roblox,

    I'm going to turn down to min graphics and turn off all lag-reducing settings to se if I can get to 240+ FPS

  • Banned

    PhantomSoldier delete textures too
    i got to 300

  • Lol i run the game on the graphic setting of 5 and it runs fine at 60 FPS because Im not using something to remove said cap... And that's with 1 window of chrome and discord running in the background. And this is on a $500 laptop from walmart from 2018.

  • I can't play PF right now. My graphics card broke and I have a Ryzen CPU without an iGPU. I'm going to wait until the RTX 3000s series are stable. At the moment, I'm using my Chromebook. :(

  • Corgerus

    Maps: 2/10. Would be 0/10 if ravod revamp and ducks castle weren’t in

    New guns: 7/10. Type 88 is useless and an overall bad gun, but the Krinkov and PP BIZON seem cool. Very nice new guns overall

    New conversions: 3/10. Mostly useless conversions (see SLAP ammo) but a few gems. They did the .300 BLK dirty tho with the HK416

    New optics: 10/10. All of these are great I love them.

    New spawn algorithm: 0/10. Completely ruins spawning in general. The map designs play into this too lol

    Overall: 4/10. Didn’t add new maps, the new attachments were underwhelming, most new conversions are okay at best, aa12 and m60 Nerf was unnecessary, m107 Nerf was pointless, and the spawn algorithm lowers your KD by half

  • FFNV's kill requirements are extreme compared to how useless the scope is, plus the fact that maps are not dark enough to warrant using it over BT at times. Plus once this update runs it's course and we return to normal maps the FFNV scope will be absolutely useless.

    Plague sights are even MORE useless... I'd rather use a coyote or any other sight in all honesty.

  • I personally love the new guns and attachments - Especially the Krink and the "Draco" (Saiga 762U)

    The New Maps are cool, but I would like the option to play normal PF or event PF, but that can't happen with the current system, so oh well.

    Fire the idiot who redid spawning, it's just flat out terrible

  • New Maps: Laggy but fun
    New Conversions: Eh they're ok
    Overall: Just another update with no new game modes :( 8/10

    wish infection was brought back

  • KommandoKazumi Yet, how in the ass can I use some sight that looks like a damn beetle that needs 4k kills?

  • ILost3Accounts exactly. I mean, I tried it on test server. I'd rather use an Eotech over it. The alt aim doesn't offer any advantages. In fact, it seems to hinder the user instead.

  • An update to my update opinions...
    (--------------------)Fuck literally everything about Gateway. Gateway can go fuck itself, slit its wrists, go to hell, and then continue to fuck itself. Ruins is a literal masterpiece compared to this failed abortion of a map, and you already know about my opinions on Ruins, being complete utter shit and all.

  • CamaroKidBB lol edgelord much? It's just ruins but with some extra bits tossed into the central area... And some spooky particle effects. Nothing much has changed really.

  • KommandoKazumi Oh it's Ruins alright... but darker so you don't see the corner campers, and even fewer ways to traverse the map so it's more linear... And the fact that Ruins got any special treatment at all.