Skin Transparency

  • Last week or two, I suggested more skin slots and custom reflections. Now, I have a client that suggested this to me, though I forgot who. Skin transparency. They really thought well about it, talking about how some guns had transparent chassis on them, or even transparent magazines. Now, if we had more skin slots for different parts of the guns, then, what if we had skin transparency? We could make transparent magazines, a good example is the AUG series, their magazines would look lovely if they were transparent, just one problem, boolets. And that's where Magazine Rounds/Suppressor Baffles comes into play as a setting, I know this may cause lag, but know your logic, this should be disabled by default and set as an option for you to decide, don't be a killjoy, make a better point than saying "More looks, more lag", that's true, but that can be logically solved. I don't put my hope in this, but I do wish this was implemented, just imagine a transparent suppressor, it'd break in real life, but it'd sure look nice shooting it, the problem is details on suppressor baffles, and again this setting is disabled by DEFAULT. As I was saying, this would come in really nice if there were more skin slots. Let me know what you think!

    Note: Before voting, you acknowledge that this proposed setting will be disabled by default in the Main Menu Setting, if you disagree, tell me a point, a good one. If you ever consider this being added, don't forget integral suppressors or muzzles too.