Customizable Lasers

  • I know what some may think, they may want to keep the original lasers, but I do too, but I've been struggling to match lasers with my sights, while keeping the same benefits on the gun I'm using. I've been combining the Green Laser on my Coyote Sight, and it's just not matching well, blue-tinted lens with a red laser point, then on the other end, a green laser. I don't find it nice together, I prefer the red color, but I can never get a red laser that works just like the green laser, either way, it's for night-vision, so color wouldn't matter, you can't determine colors. But we don't have night-vision, except for a scope, which feels awfully bright, I'll mention it in another post.

    Back to the point, I want lasers to be customizable, even the Hera CQB Grip's laser, but don't get me wrong, again. My proposal here, should let the lasers remain their color by default, not white or black, nothing else. But I want an option to customize their color, plus it may ease some people that struggle to see colors, adjusting to what fits their eyes. I, myself, struggle to see the lasers, as I think they lack depth and brightness, so I plan to make it white, as I deem it the easiest color to see, in my opinion. I've been struggling to hip-fire with lasers, my eyes don't see green and red very well, plus most of the maps have green (grass or paint), not sure about red, it's hard to see red in the dark. Tell me what you think!

    Note: These lasers will keep their original color, and customization to their color will be disabled by default, giving you the option to enable it or not. Stylis, if you guys ever consider implementing this, don't forget to add this option to guns with empty-slot lasers, if you plan to add any soon. Also, if you disagree, tell me your reasoning, I'll try to understand your point, I'll respond accordingly.

    Hint: These lasers may be expected to be changed in their names, for example, the Green Laser may be renamed Night-Vision Laser, sorry if this seems unfortunate to you, feel free to vote what you think. I'll do more inspection on the lasers to think of proposed names for them. Expect a list, I'll be adding a screenshot or more.

    List of Lasers (Proposed Names)

    • Night-Vision Laser = Green Laser (Green)
    • General Laser/Multi-Purpose Laser = Blue Laser (Blue)

    1 Laser - Laser (Red, remains the same)
    2 Hera CQR Laser (Orange, remains the same)
    3 Tri Laser (Red, remains the same)
    These three lasers will remain the same, but still customizable.

    These will all be customizable and have been proposed alternate names if the Laser Color Option has been enabled.

    Images below (Named accordingly to their description):
    Screenshot (53).png Screenshot (52).png

  • If they added a option to change laser effects then the lasers that are already in the game would be pointless. If the colours where changeable then the existing lasers couldn't be named what they are right now (ex. green laser).

  • Starvic10 I do have an idea though, you know how some lasers have their purposes, like how the Green Laser is used for night-vision. Let me edit the post first, let me know what you think after.

  • How about a higher level attachment called the Custom Laser? Maybe like the high kill sights such animu and furro make it a high kill custom laser.

  • Kraa_Plantte That's a good idea, but a limited one, I suggest to rather make all lasers customizable, as a single customizable laser will be limited to cosmetics, which may dissatisfy some players, some like the thin Green Laser design, some like the big Tri Laser design, unless that one item has options to choose a model from the lasers.

  • I think there should be a separate attachment called the customizable laser. It would just increase gun accuracy by a little. Maybe lower the recoil a bit.