The Feels Megathread (v. 2.0)

  • "Welcome ladies and gentlemen, but mostly gentlemen. To the feels megathread. This is the feels megathread, a continuation of a thread we had in the old forums, one that was quite popular at that. So I'll give you the rundown if you're new here..."


    New year, new forum. Though I'm unsure if anybody expected either would unfold in this manner.
    For better, or for worse, we are here right now; nothing can change the past, but we can create our future.

    Look, I'll keep this brief. I've been around here for well over four years, and it never ceases to amaze me how much this community has grown and prospered in that time.

    Here, in the Feels Megathread, hold no restraint.
    Your mistakes, your woes, your emotions, let them flow. You are safe here. You are accepted.

    "Getting there isn't the hard part. It's letting go, and learning to begin again."
    ~Chris Avellone


  • PhantomSoldier Well, the replies on the original thread are just fucked up that's why

  • Is it weird that I still sleep with a soft toy animal?
    Ikea cat #1 (2).png

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